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Valentine's Day Gift Guides For 10 Types Of Lovers

Roses are red, violets are blue. It's Valentine's soon, you better have a clue.

If you are having the biggest headache on what to get for your other better half, we are here to save you from the head-scratching and brain-cracking process. We have tried our best to put together a gift guide for the various types of lovers whom you might be in love with at the moment. Hope this helps!

1. Music Junkie - Take Two

"PAIRS" EP - Limited Edition, Take Two, $20 - JAWN

"Wooden Box" JAWN EP Set, JAWN, $25 - Soundfreaq Sound Spot Portable Speaker | Wood

Soundfreaq Sound Spot Portable Speaker | Wood, Soundfreaq, $169

For the lover who is kinda having a relationship with music too, these would be apt gifts that would meet his aural needs. Bonus move: Whip up a playlist with songs that mean the world between you two, and share it with your lover. This classic move will still tug at his or her heartstrings.

2. Tech Geek - This Is Ground

MOD Laptop 2, This Is Ground, from $559 - Native Union

Switch (Luxury) Portable Charger, Native Union, $269 - Cocoa Colony

Gold Bar Thumbdrive, Cocoa Colony, $19.90

What better way to make a tech geek sexier than throwing in style and class into the whole package? Perhaps a full leather (very hawt!) laptop case, which comes with multiple compartments for stationery and other gadgets, can boost that. Or some sleek portable chargers or thumbdrives to give them the extra oomph. 

3. Chronic Workaholic - doob

Plopsta Bean Bag (Filled), doob®, from $160 - MiGoals Desk Pad

Desk Pad (New), Mi Goals, $18.95 - Epigram BooksI Am Not Demanding Notebook, Epigram Books, from $9.90

If your loved one is always busy at work (and you're perfectly cool with it because you're understanding like that), be the encouraging lover who spurs your other half on, while reminding him/her that you are still around. For the additional touch of affection, jot down some personalised message in the notebook or list down a date with you as a to-do. And of course, who wouldn't love to take a breather and rest on the bean bag? 

4. Beauty Guru - Shophouse Sixtyfive Wah Chiobu Lip & Cheek Tint

Wah Chio Bu Lip & Cheek Tint, Shophouse Sixtyfive, $20 - Katfood Man's Beard Oil

Katman Manly Beard Oil, Katfood, $27.90 - Handmade Heroes Super Duper Nourishing Rice Scrub - Rose Petals

Super Duper Nourishing Rice Scrub - Rose Petal, Handmade Heroes, $17.90

We are pretty sure for one to be labelled as a beauty and grooming guru, he/she must have had their go-to products but no harm gifting them more products that can add on to their beauty and grooming regime. Moreover, these goodies are made in Singapore. Support local, duh?

5. The Urban Bohemian - JL Heart Sterling Silver Feather Adjustable Ring

Sterling Silver Feather Adjustable Ring, JL Heart, $34 - Kolombiana Jamaica Handmade Bag

Jamaica Handmade Bag, Kolombiana, $180 - Betel Life Atayal Slippers (Double Strap)

Atayal Slippers (Double Strap), Betel Life, $45

Free-spirited, carefree, holds no grudges - easily the traits of an urban bohemian. You can gift these to help them dress closer to who they truly are, for the bohemian in them.

6. The Homebody - Lovestruck Homeware Love Light

Love Type Light, Love Struck Homewares, $329 - Made of Sundays Unicorn Friendly Wall Decal

Unicorn Friendly Wall Decal, Made of Sundays, $57.90 - SCENE SHANG White Pagoda Scented Candle

White Pagoda Scented Candle, SCENE SHANG, $59.90

Home is where the heart is and we understand why some people would just wanna be home all day errday. So for those of you who have found love in a homebody, you can do them a big favour and dress up this special space. A scent both of you like, an inside joke that a decal speaks for you, or even just a light to simply, and cheesily, say, "You light up my life."

7. The Literary Maniac - Math Paper Press Objects of Affections

Objections of Affection, Math Paper Press, $16 - The Little By Little Co. Pencil

A Little Writing A Day - Pencil, The Little by Little Co., from $1.10 - Bynd Artisan Bynd Jotter With Leather Book Jacket

Bynd Jotter With Leather Jacket, Bynd Artisan, $50

What to gift an aspiring writer (apart from this amazing relationship that you two created) will be books and tools to remind him/her to pursue what he/she loves. Read more, write more. 

8. The Trendsetter - Mimesa Square Copper Tray

Square Copper Tray, Mimesa, $65 - JXKL Rosenight Necklace

Rosenight Necklace, JXKL, $49 - Comme Home Round Marble Tray

Round Marble Tray, Comme Home, from $79

For someone who spots lifestyle trends way ahead of everyone else, these gifts are definitely worth of your consideration. Plus they serve well as props for Instagram photos. 

9. The Foodie - Woouf! Donut Bean Bag

Yummy Chocolate Doughnut Bean Bag, Woouf!, from $150 - Statement Bak Kwa T-shirt

168G Bak Kwa T-shirt, Statement, $30 - Lee Shu Han Noodles Poster

Noodles Poster, Shu Han Lee, $150

Gifting food can be tricky because what tastes heavenly to you might be disappointing to the recipient. To play safe, why not give some food-inspired bean bags, prints or even t-shirts? 

10. The Art Collector - Patrice Ganda Children Of Street Art Print

Children of Street Art Print, Patrice Ganda, $130 - Kult3D Bad Ass Vase

Bad Ass Vase, Kult3D, $48 - Inky Cat Studio

Donut Cat Art Print, Inky Cat Studio, from $35

Declare your love with art. For the extra brownie points, find a nice and suitable frame that would complement his/her space.

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