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9 Ways To Keep Your Dressing On Fleek For Music Festivals

With the upcoming music festivals and gigs, such as St Jerome's Laneway Festival (happening next week!), the highly anticipated Woah Festival, we are not surprised that some of you have already planned what to wear for these festivals. For those who have not, we have found some awesome accessories that you can add on to your get-up to make sure you look festival-ready. Here we go!

St Jerome's Laneway Festival Singapore

Photo Credits: Laneway Festival Singapore Facebook Page

1. It's A Shady Business

ALO Korea - Koala Camouflage Sunglass

Koala Camouflage Sunglasses, ALO Korea, $89 - Soule Shades (Classic Black)

Soule Shades (Classic Black), Soule, $10 

A 12-hour gig means you will be spending half a day under the sun and the glare will be last thing you want to stop you from enjoying yourself. Put on the shades and bye bye headache. 

2. Bagging Your Essentials

Ooh La La! - Aurore and Deer Bucket Bag

Aurore and Deer Bucket Bag, Ooh La La!, $55.90 - Kolombiana Spectrum Handmade Bag

Spectrum Handmade Bag, Kolombiana, $180 - Tinge The Cat Tote Bag

The Cat Tote Bag, Tinge, $25

Nothing beats the feeling of freeing your hands from holding too many things at a concert. Stow them away in your bag and you can now fist pump at ease. 

3. Smell Good All Day - Swago Cologne Wipes

Cologne Wipes - Single, Swago, $3.90 - Bespoke Pearl Of The Orient Perfume

Pearl of the Orient Perfume, Bespoke Parfums Artisanaux, $38

Speaking of fist pumping, we know things can get a little sweaty throughout the day. Do everyone a huge favour and smell good all day!

4. Accessorise Your Skin - March Baby 

Ruyi Metallic Temporary Tattoo, Marchbaby Collective, $15 - Marchbaby Collective

Dark Sugar Glow In The Dark Temporary Tattoo, Marchbaby Collective, $15.95

Shimmer through the day, and glow through the night, these temporary tattoos from Marchbaby Collective will make you an unforgettable personality throughout the entire music festival. Plus, the glow-in-the-dark one might even help you locate your lost friends at night! 

5. What Hue Are You? - Faux Fayc

Fauxstix Matte Liquid, Faux Fayc, $35 - Coat Colours 

Maleficent Nail Polish, Coat Colours, $25

Be bold with your colour selections, and when we say bold, we mean it. From lip to your nails to your clothing, remember it's bold or nothing. 

6. Be Toe-tally Awesome - Freshly Pressed Socks Taro Socks

Taro Socks, Freshly Pressed Socks, $10.70 - Talking Toes Big Dreamer Socks

Big Dreamer Socks, Talking Toes, $13

Don on your favourite pair of socks with awesome prints and rock out in your sneakers or boots. 

7. Get Your Cap On - Mokuyobi Threads

Walter 5-Panel Cap - Hello World, Mokuyobi Threads, $69.90 - Zephiires Burgundy Bucket Hat

Burgundy Bucket Hat, Zephiires, $29

Be it a bucket hat or a 5-panel cap, remember to bring any of your choice to shield yourself from the potential mad sun rays.

8. Pin Your Hopes - Ella Zheng Wondering Wanderer Pin

Young Scientist Play Badge, Ella Zheng, $21.40 - Pufffy Brad The Bear Badge

Brad The Bear Badge, Pufffy, $15

Badges are one of the fun ways people display their personalities and emotions. Pin them on your top, bags or even caps for the additional touch of style. 

9. Don't Get Burnt - Alexiares & Ani - The Deity

The Deity - SPR30 Mattifying Sunscreen, Alexiares & Ani, $39 - Triump & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen

No Dice Sunscreen, Triumph & Disaster, $49.90

We know this is not really a part of your getup but hey, looking burnt throughout festival is not cool. So slab on these precious sunscreen to prevent yourself from looking like a lobster!

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