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Huat Is Your Lucky Charm In The Year Of Monkey?

'Tis the year of the Monkey, with the Chinese fervent believers that every zodiac has an auspicious item to kick-start their year with. In order to usher in the Lunar New Year with aplomb, Naiise proudly presents to you these 12 products that are tailored to each and every zodiac. Huat are you waiting for?


Characteristic: Adaptability
Daypack -
QWSTION Daypack - Naiise.comVersatile almost to a fault, there are few occasions which the QWSTION Daypack cannot grace. Gone will be the days that you are troubled deciding which bag to bring out to complement your outfit in this new year. Adding a dash of playfulness or professionalism according to your fancy, dressing up will no longer be tedious.

Daypack, QWSTION, available at SGD$289.


Characteristic: Reliable
SCENE SHANG BAO Bamboo Ladder with Shelf Attachment -
There’s nothing quite like a sturdy shelf to complete your room decor. SCENE SHANG's BAO Bamboo Ladder with Shelf Attachment is a reliable and timeless piece that contours your home with oriental hue. Taking a historical step towards our roots will shape us (and our rooms) into a better version of ourselves.

SCENE SHANG, BAO Bamboo Ladder with Shelf Attachment available at SGD$150


Characteristic: Loyalty
Lovesg Streets T-Shirt -
Most proclaim their love and dedication by wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Although SG50 has just passed, there’s no reason not to do the same for Singapore by wearing the names of our local iconic streets across your chest. Love SG's Streets T-Shirt makes for an awesome top too!

LOVE SG, Streets T-Shirt available at SGD$29.90


Characteristic: Amiability
THE FARM STORE Singlish Notebook - Naiise.comWhoever not enamoured by our local lingo often finds it chor-lor (crude), but it can easily be a soothing presence in unknown lands. Take on the challenge of expanding your command of the local tongue through THE FARM STORE's Singlish Notebook which takes you through the Singlish vocabulary with every turn of the page.

THE FARM STORE, Singlish Notebook available at SGD$32


Characteristic: WisdomFormMaker The Laboratory Test Tube Vase Bunsen Burner -
For the intellectual in all of us, Formmaker's Bunsen Burner Vase gives the illusion of levitation. Shape up your new year with the help of this little scientific tool in your home. Not to the point of being pretentious, but we’re pretty sure there’s that nerdy side in you that needs a little satisfaction from time to time.

FormMaker, Bunsen Burner vase available at SGD$85


Characteristics in the lunar new year: Industrious
This is Ground Leatherback Writer Holder - Naiise.comNothing gets done when you are unproductive. Or rather, less gets done when you are not working smart. In this new year, you can achieve the perfect balance of working hard and smart through This is Ground's Leatherback Writer Holder, an industrious notebook that you’ll grow to love.

This is Ground, Leatherback Writer Holder available at SGD$109.90


Characteristics in the lunar new year: Bravery
Daniel Kahneman Thinking Fast and Slow -
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat; fortune favours the bold. Well, wisdom together with courage takes you up a couple of notches with the help of Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow. Unraveling the science behind your decision-making takes you to the backstage of your synapses. Approaching the year with new-found wisdom is certainly a move you’ll come to thank yourself for.

Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow available at SGD$29.80


Characteristic: Cautiousness
3MONTHS Space Phone Case -
Being prepared for all sorts of situation is a sign of becoming a better person. No doubt you will run into all sorts of trouble, which is why safeguarding your primary source of communication to ensure a listening ear during your darkest hours is of paramount importance. With 3MONTH's Space Phone Case, you'll save yourself a ton of heart-in-mouth moments when your phone slips out of your grip *gulp*.

3MONTH, Space Phone Case available at SGD$39


Characteristic: Strength
Schema Papillon Tray -
The byzantine nature of the weave grants it a an imaginative aura that perfectly complements the strength that dragons will exhibit this calendar year. Schema's Papillon Tray makes for a beautiful centrepiece for any table, and allows you to start the year with elegance.

Schema, Papillon Tray available at SGD$285


Characteristic: Perseverance
Rugby and Co. Everest Bracelet -

Weaving individual strands of thread together weathers all difficulties. Rugby and Co's Everest Bracelet also showcases the might that we can encompass. A perfect reminder of the attitude that we should look upon the new year with, there’s no better accessory to complement your taste for great things this new year.

Rugby and Co's Everest Bracelet available at SGD$34


Characteristic: Adventurous
Dear Maison Clear Travel Pouch -
Wanderlust is a powerful pull that will surely have to be quenched at least once this year. Easily grouping your important documents into one convenient folder with Dear Maison's Clear Travel Pouch makes for a fuss-free travel experience that you wish you had experienced before.

Dear Maison, Clear Travel Pouch available at SGD$5.90


Characteristic: Unity
THE FARM STORE Nyonya Kueh Sticky Notes -
THE FARM STORE's Nyonya Sticky Note showcases the delectable nature of unity when complementing qualities are welded harmoniously together. A sticky note can always pry you out of the most sticky of situations which you are sure to get into this new year. You'll thank yourself later in the year.

THE FARM STORE, Nyonya Sticky Note available at SGD$15


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