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8 Unique Alternative Chinese New Year Corporate Food Gifts

If you think the season of gifting has passed us by, you are definitely not looking at your calendar right. Coming right up in early February is the widely celebrated Chinese New Year, where lots of gifting and eating will happen. 

For those of you who are seeking alternatives to the Chinese New Year hampers, we have located 8 (huat?!) unique gifts that can bring on the Chinese festive vibes without being overly in your face. 

1. Amoy Ahoy Smoked Oolong Tea, Pin Tea, $26.75

Pin Tea - Amoy Ahoy Smoked Oolong Tea (

Like all festive seasons, everyone tends to binge a little and some tea will help to ease the perpetual fullness you feel. Celebrate the redefined traditional Oolong tea with Pin Tea. Plus, the red packaging makes it super apt as a Chinese New Year gift.

2. Gold Chef - White Truffle Flavoured Edible Gold Crumbs, Manetti, $139

Manetti - Gold Chef White Truffle Flavoured Edible Gold Crumbs

Extravagant yet extremely classy, this white truffle flavoured edible gold crumbs are great garnishes for the dishes you have prepared to serve your guests. Instant dashes of prosperity for year ahead! 

3. SUCRE Truffles (Assorted), SUCRE, $22.80

SUCRE - Truffles (

Bite-sized delights you might say, these truffles will be perfect as Chinese New Year greetings for your clients and their colleagues.

To find out more, please email us at [email protected] 

4. Tropical Calamansi Marmalade, Straits Preserves, $15.50

Straits Preserves - Tropical Calamansi Marmalade (

Another gift that you can consider this Chinese New Year is the Tropical Calamansi Marmalade. Easy on the palate and suitable for all, this marmalade will be a great choice of gift. 

5. The Wundermobile, Wunderbar, $370

Wunderbar - The Wundermobile (

Another must-gift this Chinese New Year is The Wundermobile because what is festive occasion without some alcohol? Beer for everyone, here we go. 

6. Pineapple & Lemon Marmalade, Pantler, $7.20

Pantler - Pineapple & Lemon Marmalade (

In Hokkien, pineapple is pronounced as "ong-lai", which is directly translated into "luck come". Spread the good luck with this pineapple and lemon marmalade!

7. Kyoto Sakura Cherry Blossoms Handmade Candies, Sweet Enchantment, $6.90

Sweet Enchantment - Kyoto Sakura Cherry Blossoms Handmade Candies

Sakura blooms in spring and hence, this candy aptly puts the blessing and greeting in place for Chinese New Year.  

8. O'Sulloc Matcha Green Tea Milk Spread, O'Sulloc, $17

O'Sulloc - O'Sulloc Green Tea Milk Spread

This hot favourite needs no explanation - who doesn't like a bottle of O'Sulloc Matcha Green Tea  Spread to themselves?

The products above are available for bulk purchases. Order by 24 Jan to get them shipped by Chinese New Year. If you have any other queries, do write in to [email protected] Gong xi fa cai!

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