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Out With The Old, In With The New - 5 Rules To Declutter Your Workspace

Many do not realise how important it is to tidy up your workspace. "I work better in mess," you might say, but hey, research has shown that clutter will make you process information slower. While it's debatable, why not start the year right, get s**t done at higher efficiency with a more focused mind by tidying up your workspace first?

Even though we are already a week into the new year, it is still not too late to start trashing things you have not used in a long time, keeping your desk neat and organised for the year ahead. Here are 5 rules to keep in mind while you are at it. Go create your beautiful workspace for 2016!

Tidy Workspace by Beeldsteil

Photo Credits: Beeldsteil

1. Out With The Old

Take a look at your desk. Are there any papers you no longer need? Any bits of receipts that you cannot claim? Are there any random stationery that are spoilt and still on your desk? If most of your answers are yes, then it's time to get your garbage bag ready and start throwing them away. Hoarding trash might have become a subconscious habit and now it's time to kick it. If you don't need it anymore, it's safe to be trashed. 

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Photo Credits: My Ideal Home

2. One Category, One Spot

Another trick we have learnt is to categorise your stuff and stick to them. For instance, if you have decided to put all your stationery in this particular tray, then all stationery should remain there. From experience, once that system is out of place, your workspace will go out of hand. So keep this mantra on. 

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Tidy Workspace 5 (

Photo Credits: hubpages

3. Pass It On 

If you don't bear to throw it but you have no use for it for the next 6 months, give it away to someone who will truly use it. Simple!

House Doctor

Photo Credits: House Doctor

4. Don't Hide Them Anymore

Some of us love to keep things out of sight into paper bags, and hide them under the desk. As a result, you get bags of clutter down there. Don't be scared - go through bag by bag, and sort them out accordingly. When you're done, pat yourself on the shoulder and quit this habit. 

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Photo Credits: Carla Aston

5. Store Them Right

You can easily get hold of cheap and good storage boxes, which come with compartments that you need to store various things. Smaller items, like paper clips, rubber bands, tapes etc., can be placed in compartmentalised boxes for jewellery. Depending on your needs, get the right storage boxes that could not only store the items well, they should also be clever enough to match with how your retrieve these items. 

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