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Guest Blog by Lookbox Living: 10 Things We Love About Naiise

If you haven’t been to Naiise@Clarke Quay Central, or haven’t seen it on Instagram (you’re not living under a rock, are you?), you would have noticed the corner that the nice people of Naiise have allowed Lookbox Living (that’s us, guest-blogging here) to invade.

As a home interior magazine, we get a lot of questions about what it takes for a house to be featured on our cover. Aside from being an actual residence, the thing we’re always looking at for cover is this: how inviting and characterful is the space? In that corner of Naiise @ Clarke Quay Central, we put together a setup that we think partially demonstrates this concept with ten things you can find at Naiise:

  • A statement piece.

    The Bazaar work desk from Journey East’s PLAYplay collection by Lanzavecchia + Wai is definitely one. It has bold colour, a dual purpose (desk & shelving), and a uniquely Southeast Asian design by award-winning designers.

    • An accent piece with personality.

      The R&S long bench from Ziin looks pretty straightforward, with softer colours. But when you look at the cushioned seats, they say something right? Soft and minimalistic, we love those quirky little touches.

      • A piece to sink into.

          SoftRock’s Vesuvius Bean Bag has a posh, suede-like finish, but it’s not too precious that you wouldn’t want to sit on it (as some designer pieces are). And then you sit on it, and. You. Don’t. Want. To. Leave.

          • Nostalgic accessories.

              Decorative items, such as the Happiness Candy (White Rabbit) Cushions by The Joy Troopers, that bring to mind fond memories are a must-have for a space to become truly yours. As a kid, did you like the milky, chewy candy with the edible wrapper, or the hard toffee one better?

              • Humorous accessories.

                  Because the nostalgic accessories aren’t always the funny ones (especially if they’re a musty relic such as that record player left to you by your dearly departed, favourite hipster-before-her-time aunt), it’s nice to have funny, cheeky pieces, too, such as the Namast’ay in Bed cushion.

                  • Truly affordable art.

                      This Popicle Art Print by Tinge is already framed, and comes with a twin, the Double Scoop Art Print! So you don’t even have to bother with finding a frame that matches. Naiise has a wide range of art prints, from inspirational quotes to nostalgic designs, and they’re really affordable, so you can go ahead and create that wall art you've always wanted.

                      • Intellectual accessories.

                            You know, for when you’re trying to impress someone. But not so intellectual that you’ll be called pretentious. These Laboratory Test Tube Vases by Formmaker will do. Their cardboard bases are down-to-earth enough, and environmentally friendly.

                            • Colourful tableware for rowdy guests.

                                Rice’s Melamine Bowls and Cups come in eye-candy colours, and you won’t have to worry so much if your guests are a little heavy-handed because these babies are hardy.

                                • Even a corner setup needs something stylish to hold the clutter together.

                                  Enter D-Bodhi’s Stackable Box! They come in a couple of different sizes to suit your compact needs.

                                      • A proper, sophisticated piece that blends in.
                                        The Yuan Loft side table by Scene Shang is Art Deco-inspired, and architectural in detailing, yet is cute enough to fit into our fun study-hangout space. Bet you didn’t even think we can spin Art Deco and architectural into this setting, but a good space – one that’s cover-worthy – can do that.

                                          We’re pretty sure you’ve got things you love at Naiise, too. Why don’t you bring them over to our corner at Naiise @ Clarke Quay Central, style it into your own, and snap-and-post (on social media)? We promise we've got some pretty Naiise prizes in store for you if your cover photo gets our nod!

                                          Don’t forget to tag #lookboxlivingXnaiise, #lookboxliving and #naiise!

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