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Dont forget the little things.

We've chanced upon an article and it really resonated with understanding what we were trying to do at Naiise.

The content of that article firstly suggest that our culture, upbringing and exposure moulds our individual choices and preferences.

We think to a large extent, that such an argument is infallible.

And as we read on, we too began to agree that our choices and preferences are curtailed mostly by our practical worries.

Yet we can't help but think; are there really no means or processes capable of resolving this?

We think in reality, we love our products more than we actually consciously know.

We sometimes neglect to remember, the entire struggle we embarked on to obtaining the products we love.

However, when we actually possess it, we lose the desire, the longing and understanding as to why we even got it.

We hide away hidden in the recesses of our brain; how at some point in our life, we desired it so much.

(And these things soon fall hidden away in cupboards or drawers, all covered in dust.)

Perhaps, we could try to engage that memory of ours. Let us grow a relationship with the things we love.

We should, always remember how these products connect us.

When we buy into a product, we buy into a function and a lifestyle that accurately reflects ours.

When we weigh out the pros and cons of each, we give tremendous effort to solving our intangible or tangible needs.

We think its more important to love what we have now, and get more of what we want, as long as we can do so.

At the end of the day, everything we have handpicked and wanted, are all mechanism that create a happier and more functional you.

Perhaps as you pick out your Sunday dress today, or walk by decorations in your room, you'll remember why it was there in the first place.

And as you adorn them, and look at them, it might be nice to recollect the moments and relationships you've created through them.

We think you'll find many happy moments and memories. 

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