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5 Reasons Why Mondays Should Actually Be, Everyday.

We like Mondays. 

To us, Mondays are just another day to the week. 

It's another day in our life that spans over decades. 

But we like to think Mondays can be really special. 

Because on Mondays, we're all set to discover more than ever. 

We're looking forward to greater things to love, learn and do. 

Here's why we think Monday's can be Naiise. 

1) We finally get to use what we bought over the weekend.

2) We also get to share what we did, ate, discovered or bought on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

3) Because of that, its likely we're gonna bring a smile to someone we spend all our weekdays with.

4) In return, we also get to hear from our friends what they've learnt, discovered, bought and did. 

5) And so, we end up discovering that we have something new to look forward to over the coming weekend. 

So why are mondays great? Because we think Mondays are exactly what we believe at Naiise. 

Its almost as if it's a day designed for us to exchange, learn and discover.

And this is perhaps why we really think, mondays should actually be, everyday.

So don't forget to share and discover tomorrow. It's really one of the greatest designs of human interaction.

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