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7 Things To Complete Your Valentine's Day Itinerary

10 days into February and you know what that means - Valentine's Day. For those of you who still haven't got your plans ready for VDay, we have got some pretty simple yet romantic activities that you can do with your boo. Below are 7 activities that you can use to complete your Valentine's Day itinerary. Scroll down and start preparing!


1. Breakfast In Bed

Be it bacon and eggs with toast, or a simple bowl of granola served with yogurt and fresh fruits, we know for sure that the way to one's heart is through the stomach. Kick-start the day with homemade breakfast for your dearest, served nowhere else but in bed. Don't forget to serve his/her favourite morning beverage that will complete your loved one's morning.

Hazelnut Blackforest Granola, Amazin' Grace, $11.50

Noir Drinking Chocolate (200g), Grounded Pleasures, $19.50

Matcha Chocolate Spread, Baking Blocks, $20.50

More breakfast ideas here.


2. Poolside Date

If you're lucky and it's sunny outside, hit the pool and bask in the sun! Pack your Instagram-worthy floats, sunblock, shades, and your trusty waterproof camera, and head straight to the pool. Why poolside? Because pool time is always fun time. 

Pizza Slice Pool Float, BigMouth Inc, $59.90

Sun Cream SPF50, La Chinata, $53.90

Mr.Lloyd / Olive Green Glossy Finishing Frame, Medium Rare, $42.90


3. Catch A Movie Of Your Genre

Be it in the comfort under your sheets or on the couch, a great film is always welcomed. Because it's a special day, you can spend more time to set up your home cinema, make it comfortable and romantic, and give this an irreplaceable experience. 



Doobtsa Bean Bag Macaron Series | Large, doob®, $199

Smoking Monkeys Matchbox Pillow, The Great Indoors, $48

Midnight Sparks Battery Powered Fairy Lights, Midnight Sparks, $32.10


4. Attend A Workshop Together

If your lover is a really hands on person, bring him/her to a workshop that he/she might like! From watercolour classes to jewellery casting workshops, there will be one that both of you will be able to learn something new. What's awesome is that you can bring home something that you both made together at the end of the workshop to remember this day. 

LOVE LETTERS: Fundamentals 2-in-1 Workshop | 25 Feb 2017 | 2pm, dora., $130

Basic Watercolour Painting Workshop | 26 Mar 2017 | 2pm, Leach, $150

Basic Jewellery Casting Workshop | 19 March 2017 | 2pm, The Imperial Smithster, $100

Check out our lineup of Valentine's Day Workshops here.


5. Make Dinner Together

Do away with the hassle of reservations in restaurants, save up on the bucks and whip up your best dishes at the comfort of your own home. Put on your favourite tunes and cook up a storm together. Of course, what better occasion to indulge in the best ingredients and recreate fine dining at home than Valentine's Day?

Truffle Zest, Sabatino Tartufi, $50.00

Donvier Ice Cream Maker, Cuisipro, $119

Plates Scallop (Set of 4), Rosanna, $119 


6. Explore A New Place

Let's admit it, no matter how small everyone says Singapore is, we are pretty sure not many of us have actually been to every corner of the island. Exploring the city is definitely made better with your favourite travelling buddy. Take this chance to share this virgin experience with your loved ones.

Liberty Canteen Travel Mug, Asobu, $33.90

Harvey Backpack, Ucon Acrobatics, $169

Gwen Bra, Tough Cookie Apparel, $65 


7. What's Happening From Now Till The Next VDay

You don't need a new year to set new goals for each other. They can even be the simplest things, such as showing how you appreciate each other with little notes of thanks, setting a regular dinner date each week, and even planning the next country you guys want to visit.

2017 Calendar, dodolulu, $25.70

Weekly Planner Dark Blue (A4), Jo & Judy, $17.40

Black Monthly Planner Notepad, Dear Maison, $15.90

Quoting Tony Robbins, “Trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole world changes in an instant.” Love should be everyday thing, but take this Valentine's Day and shower your love on your other halves. 


If you need any Valentine's Day gift ideas, take a short quiz and we will recommend gifts for your loved ones. 








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