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7 Singapore Products You Need This National Day - 2020 Edition

It's the time of the year when our patriotism is at its peak, and we just want to let everyone know how much we love to be a Singaporean. Wear it, use it, appreciate it - check out these 7 Singapore souvenirs designed by Singaporeans for everyone and anyone who loves our little red dot.

Majulah Shirt by Temasek Clothings (Preorder)

Majulah Shirt, $25

This t-shirt was lovingly produced in collaboration with MCCY's #my1959 project, for the 60th anniversary of Singapore's National Symbols.
Item is on preorder, arriving mid-August.

 Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

SG Bicentennial Coasters (Exclusive)

SG Bicentennial Coasters, $0.60

This coaster collection features little-known historic events, places or artefacts from each century of our 700-year journey, giving us a glimpse of Singapore’s rich history.

 Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

 Ah Mer Enamel Pin by artof.chris

Ah Mer Enamel Pin, From $9.80

This enamel pin of our lovable "Ah Mer" features a heart as a symbol of keeping Singapore close to our hearts.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

Colours Of Singapore Print By Big Red Chilli

Naiise - Buy Colours Of Singapore Print

Colours Of Singapore Print, $50.00

 A quirky print to display all the colours of Singapore. Can you recognise these shades?

 Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

Off Track by SGAG

Naiise - Buy Off Track

Off Track Game, From $30.00

Off Track! by SGAG is a strategy card game where you build MRT tracks to reach your destination, while disrupting others and throwing them off track!

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt 

 Five Stones Pouch by naiisexsaw

Five Stones Pouch, From $14.00

The childhood series  is reimagined here as a triangle pouch - perfect for keeping knickknacks and small items.

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

Singapore Momento Pin by Red Republic

Singapore Momento Pin, $12.96

Representative of some of the key icons of Singapore, these momento enamel pins are a great addition to your collectibles or even as a gift to your friends from overseas!lation of the beautiful Merlion scales on a luggage tag will remind you of Singapore wherever you go!

Naiise - Buy unique father's dad T-shirt

You can shop and support more local brands here and enjoy shipping in 1-2 days!

Happy National Day Singapore! 

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