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7 Gift Ideas For Matcha Lovers

Hailing all the way from Japan, Matcha is undeniably one of Singaporean's favourite food trends. Matcha has been one of the most long-lasting food trends and the love for matcha has allowed it to be translated into different products. From  candies to soap, there will be one that captures your matcha-devoting heart.


1. Uji Matcha Green Tea Handmade Candies, Sweet Enchantment, $6.90

Perfect for on-the-go matcha lovers, these candies from Sweet Enchantment will give you the daily matcha intake that you need. 


2. Green Special-Tea Handy Hand Salve, Katfood, $16

Apart from smelling like matcha, your hands can be moisturised to perfect smoothness with this hand salve. 


3. Green Tea Peppermint Soap Bar, SoapLah, $9.90

Take your love for matcha to the next level and stay fresh with this soap.


4. Matcha Green Tea Granola, Amazin' Graze, $11.50

Be it for breakfast or snacks, this granola will be your go-to matcha fix.


5. Matcha Green Tea Almond Milk Spread, Feliz, $13.90


Eat it straight out of the jar or on a golden brown slice of toast for an easy and yummy snack. 


6. Green Tea Lip Balm, Balm Kitchen, $9.00

Now, you can taste green tea all day long while keep your lips moisturised.


7. Matcha Chocolate Spread, Baking Blocks, $20.50 


 This needs no introduction. Matcha and chocolate, match made in heaven. 













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