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6 Unique Mooncake Flavours That Are Worth The Calories

With Mid Autumn Festival around the corner, we are sure some of you have been on a lookout for yummy mooncakes to gift and even for yourself. 

If you are looking for some interesting and unique mooncake flavours, we have got 6 for you to choose from. Read on and discover the latest and hottest mooncake flavours of 2016. 


1. Whisky Caramel Snowskin Mooncake by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier 

Photo Credits: Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

For those of you who like your food with a little alcohol infused, these will be a great option for you. At Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, you can get individual and a box of assorted mooncakes. We want to bring your attention to their Whisky Caramel Snowskin Mooncake. Definitely worth a try if you're a fan of whisky. 


2. Signature American Cheesecake Snowskin Mooncake by Hilton Hotel & 

3. Popping Candy Snowskin Mooncake by Hilton Hotel

Photo Credits:

Nothing is more exciting than combining 2 desserts into 1. Known for its cheesecake, Hilton Hotel has taken their cheesecake and married it with mooncake. Be prepared to embrace this decadent mooncake and expect to the good ol' Philadephia Cream Cheese goodness the moment your teeth sink in this glorious snowskin mooncake.

And if you like popping candy, you'll definitely be game to taste the Popping Candy Snowskin Mooncake too. Imagine that, accompanied by 72% Valrhona Dark Chocolate core, this mooncake is so worth the sin. 


4. Assorted Mini Snowskin Martini Mooncakes by Ritz Carlton Millenia

Photo Credits:

Easily one of the best dessert innovations from The Ritz Carlton, this range of mini snowskin martini mooncakes are back to bless out tastebuds again this year, with fruit and martini fused creations including Lycheetini, Berrytini and Appletini. Consume this sweet mooncake in a few bites, and feel it go down as smoothly as a well-mixed cocktail.


5. Heaven on Earth Snowskin Mooncake by Jiang-Nan Chun (Four Seasons Hotel)

Photo Credits:

Speaking of cocktails, you can also consider this limited edition snowskin mooncake by Jiang-nan Chun. Expect to taste hints of 12 years whisky, sake, chamomile and lime in this mooncake as Jiang-nan Chun turns their signature Heaven on Earth cocktail, into this ceralean blue snowskin mooncake. 



6. Goodwood Park Hotel

Photo Credits:

If there is a way to describe this, we would call it a bite of summer. Packing gin and pineapples into this snowskin mooncake, Goodwood Park Hotel has definitely created a bad-ass that's waiting for us to devour. 





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