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6 Types Of Instagrammable Indoor Plants For Your Home

You've got your new furniture, new home decor and accessories, but you're still lacking that touch of life that will complete the look and feel of your home. One of the fastest and easiest ways to do so is place plants and greens in your home. Regardless of types and sizes, plants can freshen up your interiors and come in really handy for your next desk flatlay. 

We have put together a list of trendy and cool home plants that cater to different types of homes. Oh, and we've got some really low-maintenance plants in the list, so don't worry about killing them while you're busy!


1. Air Plants

Photo credits: Mr. Kate

For the busy ones, air plants are a great choice of greens that you can use to inject life to your home. Affordable and adorable, air plants, also known as air tillandsia, only require to give an occasional spray of water, especially in our humid city, and place them where there is good ventilation. But remember to keep them away from direct sunlight!

To complete your air planting experience, check out some of the planters that you might like to house your air plants in here!


2. Monstera

Photo credits: Pinterest

One of the most Instagrammed plants, monstera, or monstera deliciosa, is a highly versatile and stylish plant that you can accent your home with. The plus point about monstera is that it looks good as a full plant in a pot, or just a single stalk in a vase with water. And everything looks great when you flatlay with it.

To start having monstera at home, you can purchase a few stalks and keep them in water. They can last you for about 2-3 weeks.


3. String of Pearls

Photo credits: Design Inspiration

A family member of succulents, the String of Pearls will be a great idea if you're lacking floor space or if you're looking to spice up the empty walls. Good news: They thrive in bright light and need little watering. A small reminder to keep them away from children or pets as the 'pearls' are non-consumables! 

Fun fact: The String of Pearls plants produce flowers that smell like cinnamon.


4. Cactus

Photo credits: Pinterest

Of course, we cannot let cacti slip out of this list. Cacti are low-maintenance plants and come in all sizes and types to suit your home. They'll be just grateful if you water them once a month and put them in a spot with ample light - not necessarily direct sunlight. 


5. English Ivy

Photo credits: Pinterest

The English Ivy, also known as hedera helix, is another from the vine family. This climber would be the perfect solution to your discolouring wall, or to act as a back drop coupled with fairy lights for your parties. 

Another reason to get them: The English Ivy helps to slightly reduce mould and improve air quality! 


6. Aloe Vera

Photo credits: designsponge

If you haven't heard of the new kid on the block, the Aloe Vera plant is more Instagram-able than you think. They need little watering and if planted well, can even be part of your homemade skincare ingredient. The best part is that they also come in small desk-friendly size so if you're looking to diverge from the norm (no offence, cactus), why not?







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