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15 Corporate Gifts That Are Actually Amazing

Yes, corporate gifts are no longer just limited to a bunch of USB flash drives and sticky notes. What we are going to do today is to introduce you to alternative corporate gifts, showing you a spread of products that has never crossed your mind for corporate gifting. Invite your co-workers and clients to the world of well designed products, and be an awesome gift giver!

To help you score brownie points with your clients and colleagues, we have 15 amazing corporate gift ideas that will earn the oohs and ahhs from everyone. If you are interested in getting any of these, write to us at [email protected].

1. Reindeer Wine Rack, Conte Bleu, $39.90

Suitable for wine-loving folks, this wine rack is also perfect as a Christmas gift, sending across well wishes for the holidays. You can consider gifting this, together with a bottle of wine, and create a heartwarming hamper for the festive season.   

2. Luggage Tag, Welkin & Spine, $35

Luggage tags are easy gifts that wouldn't go wrong. Keep it classy and gender-friendly with this leather luggage tag

3. BooksActually Singlish Notebook, BooksActually, $32

If you are looking for a gift that you would want the recipient to learn more about Singapore and its culture, this Singlish notebook would be an apt gift to give.  

4. Gem Biscuit Cushion in White, Meykrs, $29.90

Sitting at the desk can be back straining sometimes. This cushion can not only solve this issue, it also helps to bring some life and cheeriness to the workspace, especially with more of this in various colours.  

5. A Little Writing A Day - Individual Pencil, The Little By Little Co., $1

Made to inspire greater ideas and transpire creativity, this pencil is a simple way to remind everyone to keep doing what they love. 

6. Nasi Lemak Tea, ETTE TEA, from $18

For the adventure-seeking folks, this tea will fit the bill of being innovative and unconventional. Definitely a showstopper. 

7. Singapore Sling Marmalade, Straits Preserves, $14.50

Perfect for those who love Singapore Sling, this marmalade, though there is no alcohol content in there, will be great for both local and foreign co-workers or clients. Timeless and classic flavour, made in Singapore for everyone!

8. SG Notebook - Our Story, Little Red Box, $17.90

Educational and practical, this notebook tells you more about Singapore's history while serving its original purpose as a notebook. 

9. The Singapore Deck, The Singapore Deck, $25

This is not your typical set of poker cards. Illustrated with various Singapore references, this deck will be popular among your poker-loving friends. 

10. Nut Butter Gift Set, Hunters' Kitchenette, $35

A simple and convenient gift to please everyone, this impressive set of nut butters will be delightful to the foodie.

11. I Am Not Kanchiong Notebook, Epigram Books, $9.90

A tongue-in-cheek notebook that tickles – great for those who are constantly panicking over tight deadlines and stressful tasks. 

12. Ang Ku Kueh Handmade Soap, Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends, $4.90

Do not mistaken this for the real ang ku kueh. This soap, modelled after one of Singapore's favourite pastries, will make a good conversation starter. Plus, it smells sweet and yummy. What's not to love about it?

13. Districts Coaster Set, LOVE SG, $19.90

Coasters come in all shapes and sizes but these coasters are uniquely Singapore and will look great on the desks.

14. What Gives Us Our Names by Alvin Pang, Math Paper Press, $10 

For those who are seeking a meaningful and soul-nourishing gift, this book will serve that purpose, giving a breath of fresh air to corporate gifts.

15. Charles Card Holder - Black, J.Artisans, $69

If you are interested in customising a leather cardholder, this one will fit the bill. Timeless and classic design for everyone!

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