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5 Sinful Snacks For Stay-in Sundays

Well, maybe not just Sundays. This little guide is also perfect for days clouded by haze, days when you are feeling a little down, or even on days when you just want to sloth it out. Yummy for your tummy, this way please!

Without moving much away from your desk, you can get these sinful indulgences delivered to your doorstep with almost no fuss. Head in and check out these 5 mouth-watering snacks that will keep you coming back for more.

Disclaimer: We will not be responsible for erratic weight gain and excessive binging. 

1. Sea Salt Chocolate Cookie Jar, Kith Cafe, $18

This, my friend, is addictive! Tried and loved by Team Naiise, these cookies are so hard to resist. You might just accidentally finish this in one sitting. 

2. Naked Cake - Tropical Earl Grey, The Ice Cream & Cookie Co., $75

A wonderful marriage of Earl Grey, Gula Melaka, and coconut gives birth to this amazing cake that will be perfect to share with your friends and family. Great for impromptu tea parties. 

3. Champagne Truffles Pearls Edition, teuscher chocolates, from $48

If you would like to indulge a little more, pop these truffles and get high on chocolate. Of course, you may continue this indulgence with a glass of bubbly. 

4. Thai Milk Green Tea Shortbread Cookies, TSP, $11

Baked by our in-house baker, these cookies are to die for. Perfect as gifts to cheer someone up too! 

5. Milo Granola, Eastern Granola, $12.50 

Growing up with Milo, this granola will make you crave for more. And psst, you can even eat this for breakfast. 

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