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10 Hosting Essentials For An Impressive House Party

Apart from food, wine and company, there are other things that can help to elevate the house party vibes and create a memorable gathering with your friends and family. An easy way to achieve that is to accent your space with interesting decor and use impressive hosting essentials. Gear up for the upcoming party season with these 10 hosting essentials that will blow everyone's mind away. 

1. Megaphone in 24K Gold, en&is, $1,215

Music is essential for a good party. Without any fancy set up, you can simply amplify music from your Spotify playlist on your phone by just plugging it to this megaphone. And look, what's not to love about this? It's gold! 

2. Dripping Napkin Holder, Artori Design, $44

Perfect for Halloween parties, slot in your red napkins in this unique napkin holder and add that aptly bloody touch to your themed parties.

3. Footed Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, Dylan Kendall, $59

Ditch your boring salt and pepper shakers, and replace them with these adorable ones by Dylan Kendall. Definitely one of the greatest conversation starters among your guests!

4. Soy Bean Food Pick, Mars Mers, $11.90

No, your food does not have beans sprouting all over. But ain't these just too cute to resist? Be prepared for chains of oohs and aahs from your friends and family. 

5. Rocking Glasses (Set of 4), Normann Copenhagen, $32

What's an awesome party without some alcohol, right? To prevent your drunk guests from knocking down wine and staining your expensive carpet, these rocking glasses will keep the drinks where they should be without toppling. Genius idea, don't you think?

6. Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag, doob®, from $259

Proven to be the ultimate limelight, this sleeping grizzly bear bean bag has been a hot favourite with the old and the young at all of our stores. A possible centrepiece for your home, we'd say!

7. Love Type Light, Love Struck Homewares, $329

Light up your cozy little space with this non-intrusive and ambient accent light. With its portable nature, you can simply bring this around the house to create different atmosphere throughout the party. 

8. Palette-It Coasters, Labyrinth, $29.90

Call them fun-size pallets if you will, these coasters, resembling the wooden pallets that you use for moving and shipping items, can also double up as a decorative accents for your home. 

9. Violent Woods Candle, A Dose of Something Good, $68

Scents have the powerful ability to fish out your memories. Fill your space with these pleasant aromas and let your guests head home with fond memories of this amazing party!

10. Pick A Tooth Holder, Propaganda, $18.90

Appropriately designed, this toothpick holder will definitely tickle your guests before they exclaim, "This is brilliant!"

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