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3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Watch

Finding a watch often has more decision factors than meets the eyes. A lot of technical and physical might go through your head when you are looking for the right watch to purchase next - colour, material, movement, water resistance, and of course, how good it looks on your wrist and on which outfit!

Today, we are going to bounce off some questions with you to help you make a better decision when it comes to your next timepiece. After all, if you have to make an investment, make it for the right reasons. Here are 3 questions that will guide you to that one right watch, which will tell you time the way you want it to. 

1. Where will you want to wear this watch to? 

9409 Black Watch, Breda, $112.90

Amber Series Watch in Brown, Simpl, $160

Georgia Watch, TOKYObay, $160

To a date, casual dinner, business meeting or just for daily wear, your watch should be able to help you set the mood right. The last thing you want to see is your timepiece sticking out at the corner of your eye, just because it does not match the occasion. 

2. What do you want your watch to say about you?

Classic Cardiff Men Watch in Rose Gold, Daniel Wellington, $299 

Digital Grande Watch, Normal, $204.60

Black Forest Watch, Forrest, $107

Your watch should speak about your personality. If you are someone who enjoys simplicity and timelessness, a classic looking watch will fit the bill. For those who treasure uniqueness and embrace a breath of fresh air, watches with one-of-a-kind and interesting design are definitely must-haves for your watch collection.  

3. To Leather or not to Leather, that is the question.

MVMT Watch - Black/Black, MVMT Watches, $159 

Tainted Love Watch, Kulte, $149

Long Distance 1.0 Watch - Black, Kitmen Keung, TBA 

Iconic Watch - Monochrome, AARK, $470 

There's always a constant debate when it comes to the choice of material for your watch strap. If you are seeking something that looks timeless, classic leather watches would easily do the trick and you can wear them on an almost daily basis. For those of you who are weaving in and out important work meetings, watches with metallic chain straps will put your entire outfit together, making sure you look preppy and stylish all day long.

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