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5 Workshops To Prep Your Wedding

Wedding season is coming up and there is no doubt that the brides and grooms are busy, albeit stressed, coming up with grand ideas to make their big day a memorable one, not just for them, but the guests too. 

We know planning wedding is not an easy job and that is why we have come up with a list of workshops that you can attend to help you gain inspiration and skills, and helping you to check off your wedding checklist. From wedding rings to wedding invites, there will a workshop that can help you customise your wedding the way you always want it to be. 


1. Painting Flowers & Wreaths Workshop,  Naiise @ Clarke Quay Central

27 August 2016, 2pm - 4pm


If you seek an alternative to printed wedding invites, you might want to consider a more personal touch - painting. At this workshop hosted by Marina of My Sweet Scarlett, you will learn how to paint flowers and wreaths, which will be really pretty on your wedding invites. 

The workshop will begin by introducing artists to the various types of paints, as well as practising colour blending techniques. You will also be shown the brush strokes needed to paint intricate leaves and flowers. During the workshop, you will experiment with watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints. 

The workshop is a perfect entry point for beginners, providing a basic understanding of how to paint an original artwork.

The materials included are an art diary, blank cards, paint, brushes and a bag. The workshop lasts for around 2 hours, and it costs $95, but the skills you pick up will last you a lifetime, and it will create some beautiful memories for you, your significant other and your guests. 

Tip: You can paint one to your satisfaction and get it scanned before sending it to be mass printed. This will save you a lot of time and effort for your hundreds of guests.


2. Colour Matters - Risograph Over-Printing WorkshopNaiise @ The Cathay

30 October & 5 November 2016, 12pm


Knuckles and Notch - 5 Swimming Girls

Photo Credits: Knuckles & Notch

While not many of us are familiar with Risograph, it is definitely an unique alternative to get your wedding invites or other wedding essentials printed. If strong, vibrant colours are what you are looking for, you can learn more about risograph at this workshop. 

What you'll get to learn at the workshop is stencil duplicator printing and the various techniques specific to Risograph printing. Come to the workshop prepared with illustrations or artworks that you want to try to Risograph print. All the materials are included.

And you'll get to bring home 5 Risograph printed posters of your artwork. Pretty neat!


3. Decoupage Bottle Lamp Workshop, Naiise @ The Cathay

23 October 2016, 1pm

You can use this idea for your registration table, dessert table, and even the centrepiece for the dining tables, especially if you can weave this into your wedding theme.

Decoupage is a traditional art of decorating an object with paper cutouts, paint effects and other decorative elements. Each layer is sealed with varnish until the result looks like painting or inlay work.

With the primary notion of giving life to recycled materials, blink.a.bottle will be showing you how to make your own bottle lamp at this workshop. You can also grab the entire bridal party to come down for this workshop if you need more hands to complete your decor pieces!


4. Basic Brush Lettering Workshop, Naiise @ Clarke Quay Central 

17 September 2016, 2pm

Trendy and elegant, brush lettering is definitely going to be one of the way you want to get your signages written for your wedding. Not only can you use this for your wedding collaterals, you can also experiment larger scale of brush lettering that your guests can use as a backdrop for photography needs.

You will be guided through the very basics of brush lettering, learning how to write again, but this time round, more beautifully. Come prepared with words that you want to practise brush lettering with.


 5. Bookbinding Workshop, Naiise @ The Cathay

17 September 2016, 2pm 


Finding the right guest book might sound like an easy task but once you are in search for one, it might be surprisingly tough.

Binding your own has got many benefits. You get to choose the kind of cover you want, making it unique and meaningful for your big day. Also, you can decide on how many pages you want the book to be, minimising blank pages. Plus, you will get a neat handy book of really heartfelt greetings. What's not to like about that?

Get to learn the basics of bookbinding, making books by hand using traditional binding methods. All materials will be provided for you at the workshop so you just need to be present to learn how to bind the book! 







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