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5 Workshops That Will Make You Rethink The Process Of Making

We live in a society where we are spoilt by the convenience and economics of mass productions, so much so that, very often, we overlook the process of making. Many times, we chanced upon a handmade item, exclaimed at its big price tag, and walking away right after. No one remembered the amount of effort and man hours that have been put into completing the products.

We figured, the best way to find out how things are made is to experience firsthand the process of making. Looking through our lineup of upcoming workshops, we have narrowed down to 5 workshops that will allow you to experience what it's like to make from scratch, with your own two hands.


Pewter Casting 101 Workshop | 9 Jul 2016

Something a little different from our usual lineup of workshops, this Pewter Casting 101 Workshop will allow you to learn about basic mould making and metal melting techniques, which you can then do at home. You'll get to choose what you want to make from a selection of rings, pendants and charms. And after learning the basic techniques, you can get creative and make more things that involve pewter. 

Host: The Imperial Smithster

Workshop Location: Naiise @ Central, #02-23 (Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay)


Create Your Own Perfume Scent Workshop | 20 Aug 2016

Buying perfume off the shelf is usually quite effortless, but knowing how a bottle of perfume is put together can be mind blowing. This workshop allows you to learn more about the concepts behind concocting fragrances. With experimentation, you will be able to learn more about the scents you like and what scents match.

Host: Je T'aime Perfumery

Location: Naiise @ The Cathay, #B1-08 (Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut) 


Adult Sandals Workshop | 23 Jul 2016

With fast fashion in our lives, we demand for more - we want something cheap and trendy that we can wear everyday. Because of low price points, we usually are able to convince ourselves that if it spoils, I can get another pair cheaply. No biggie. 

But if you get to learn how to make your own pair of sandals, you will appreciate the craft of shoemaking, and perhaps give more attention to details and the effort that goes behind making a pair of sandals. 

Host: Shoe Artistry

Location: Naiise @ The Cathay, #B1-08 (Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut) 


Minimal Bifold Wallet Workshop | 24 July 2016

For items that require sewing or thread work, we often overlooked the process of creating the templates, which requires the maker to work backwards, and rethink what needs to be done before actually getting your hands on the project.

Wallets are easily one of the items that we overlooked in that sense, and this class will teach you how to cut and and sew leather, which will then allow you to make many other items that your imagination allows you to.

Host: Maketh Project

Location: Naiise @ The Cathay, #B1-08 (Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut) 


Five Fast Bookbinding Techniques Workshop | 3 Sep 2016

Making your own notebook can be a fun affair, which can then branch out to other kinds of projects, such as zines and mini scrapbooks. Instead of stapling a bunch of papers together, you can learn how to hand stitch a notebook together at this workshop

Host: Pooja Makhijani

Location: Naiise @ The Cathay, #B1-08 (Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut) 




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