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5 Ways To Make Room For Your Room

Over time, we tend to hoard our belongings, leaving us lesser space for storage and walking in our room. It's easy to lose sight of that but we are help you to find ways to get your space back. 


1. Identify Walking Space

Photo Credits: Habitus Living

Before you start moving things around in your room, spend some time to mark out the walking space that you can ideally have. Make it achievable because the last thing you want is to stare at your room and wonder if that was a good decision. 

So think a little bit harder for this one. 


2. We Kondo-ne Minimal Living

Photo Credits: Homey Oh My!

If you are familiar with Marie Kondo, you would have read her book, cover to cover, and got sold on her tips to tidy and organise your space. 

Decluttering is essential when it comes to making space, because if what comes in doesn't get out, you can only get more space by hacking down the walls and enlarging your room. So pick up that garbage back, go through that pile of stuff you've got. 

But how would you make a decision on what to discard? Ask yourself, "Will I still need/use this in the next 5 years?" If your answer is no, that will be a green light to trash it. 


3. Space Saving Furniture Will Be Your Saviour

Organiser Full Set, Betterment, $49.90 

You will be surprised how much space you can really save with smart space saving furniture. There are many types of storage solutions out there in the market that you can use to help you achieve more space for your room, from organisers to bed frames that come with hidden compartments below. You can browse here for more ideas. 



4. Up Is The Way To Go

Photo Credits: Caitlin Wilson

Regardless of the height of your ceiling, make use of the vertical space you have. You can drill shelves in and place the things you do not use on a daily basis there. You will surprised at the amount of space you can actually save. 


5. White Room, Wide Room

Photo Credits:

Cheat code, we know. While this doesn't physically gives you more space, it makes you feel that you have scored more space. Light bounces off the white walls better than darker colours, hence it will make your room look more spacious at a glance. 






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