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10 Ways To Stay Organised For Rest Of 2015

In a blink of the eye, we are left with 3 more months to the end of 2015. While everyone is looking forward to the grand holidays at the end of the year, we thought it is important to keep your spirits high and inspired through the lull months leading up to that. 

Stay stylishly organised and efficient for the rest of the year. We have 10 brilliant and effortless ideas to help you with that. Read on and find out which would work best for you!

1. Little Mountains Wall Hook, Wonderri, $28.90

Doesn't the sight of it just excite you about your upcoming adventure? Not only that, you can keep your keys, necklaces, and even belts tidy with this wall hook from Wonderri

2. Transparent Receptacle, PossiLiberty, from $118

Classy and functional, these receptacles are perfect to stow your reading materials away neatly. Feel free to use this to place some display props to dress up your space effortlessly too.

3. Large Rectangular Marble Tray, Comme Home, $105

Join the marble craze with this marble tray. Perfect for your toiletries, personal belongings and even your candle collections, this tray promises the beauty factor without compromising your organisation needs.

4. Poo Container, Propaganda, $15.90

Hide all your s**t in none other than the Poo Container. If you're lazy, you can just dump everything in this and cover them up. We won't tell.

5. Gravity Pencil Box, Klear, $35 

For the non-OCD folks, you can put your stationery in one place with this avant-garde pencil holder and create a breathtaking workspace that everyone will be in awe of. 

6. Brass Arch Gate Accessories Hanger, SCENE SHANG, $89

This, my friends, is how you display and arrange your necklaces. With this elegant accessories hanger, you can also arrange accessories like earrings, scarves and even keys. 

7. Medium Raffia House Toy Basket Girl House, Rice, $124.90


For the kiddos, this is a great way to stow everything away, keeping them out of sight in this adorable playhouse basket

8. Falling Bookend, Artori Design, $39

Functional, check. Funny, check. This unique bookend will keep all your books in one place so you can bid goodbye to falling stacks of books.

9. Corky Bowl, Vicara, $119

Clever and well-designed, this bowl will be a great way to keep the little things on your desk into one. Great mood booster for the sustainable living theme that is going on at your workspace. 

10. Bin Mr. P Be Happy, Propaganda, $21.90

One great way to stay organised is to trash away things that are lying around in your room or home. Get this cheery bin and keep your space trash-free all day! 

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