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Why Is Supporting Local The Way To Go?

Going local has never been more vibrant, especially this year. The growing local crafting, making, art, design, and music scene has gained a lot of support over the years. More people are seeking things made in Singapore. more people are putting more attention on music and design produced by local talents. We have chatted with some of our friends in this scene and gathered their opinions on why supporting local is the way to go.

Watch the video, read on and discover them!


"If we don’t support our own brands, who will? For many years, local brands have always stood in the shadows of our foreign counterparts for various reasons - lack of exposure, support, infrastructure, fundings etc. Or perhaps, it was simply the fact that there was just a lack of confidence. But it’s slowly changing.

For me, supporting local means reconnecting back to basics, back to our roots and our home ground. Products that are made in Singapore have a sense of human spirit, rather than machineries and factory assembly lines. Going local creates jobs and builds on a community. It thus becomes more sustainable as essentially. It also means it’s directly helping the local economy.

And one of the most important factors for me to support local is that you deal with PEOPLE and not robots. You call a number and you get a real person on the other line, not a machine. This closes the gap between consumers and the producers because you are then only 2 degrees of separation to the products."

Genevieve, The Edible Co.

"We have a lot of local talented crafter, support local and give them opportunity to grow and we can create our own craft culture."  

Yao Yu, Typesettingsg

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