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9 Local Music Acts for First Time Listeners

Local music, composed and written by our very own home-grown talents, has gained more popularity and support over the years. More people are listening, buying and supporting music acts from this sunny island, and it is heartwarming to see these artistes spreading their tunes to fans around the region and the world. After delving deep into the estates of Singapore, we have come up with our own list of up and coming local acts that will be great introduction for local music for first timers. Read on and discover them all. 

1. Take Two

Photo Credits: Take Two Instagram

The emerging indie quintet formed within the musky walls of NUS studios and started out as a casual band that covered songs they loved. Because covering popular music just ain’t enough anymore, the band has finally launched their first EP – PAIRS.

Recommended tracks: "In Your Arms", " Ariel"

2. Jaime Wong

Photo Credits: Today Online

Here is a singer-songwriter who writes about life, death and love (or the lack of it). Started off as a regular in the local open mic circle and has gone to perform at major music events such as Baybeats and is now also a recipient of the Noise Singapore Award for music. Her EP has also been described as “gorgeous folk-pop suite dedicated to lost love” by Power of Pop

Recommended tracks: "Shame On You", "2.23am"

3. Inch Chua

Photo Credits: Inch Chua Facebook 

If you have been following the local music scene, you must have heard of her name. You must have at least heard a song or two from her, especially this recent one with Shigga Shay.  The 27-year-old local singer-songwriter, Inch Chua, will bring you on an empathetic ride of life with her soulful tracks. 

Recommended Tracks: "Aqueous Oblivion", "Rule The World"

4. Amateur Takes Control

Photo Credits: ATC Bandcamp

What began as an solo career by guitarist Adel has grown to a family of five since its inception in 2006. Amateur Takes Control creates emotionally charged music that is undeniably diverse in style and influence, yet still manages to showcase a seamlessness that justifies their identity as a group.

Recommended tracks: "Communication Downbreak", "Sayonara Supergirl

5. Charlie Lim

Photo Credits: Charlie Lim Facebook 

Catching many people's attention with his music, Charlie Lim is definitely one of the must-hear local musicians if you are starting out. Mashing up genres like acoustic melancholia, post-rock, indie R&B, and electronic pop, his music will move you with his "heart-wrenching honesty". 

Recommended Tracks: "Knots", "Bitter"


Photo Credits: MONSTER CAT Facebook 

Lush, melodic folk tunes driven by intense imagery and delicate instrumentation. Fragile yet powerful, their music echoes the ebbing of your subconscious hurt. Despite drawing from a host of genres, the record focuses on creating intense, melodic rock songs while keeping the band’s trademark vocal harmonies.The Violet Hour boasts 13 tracks that fuse the worlds of organic and synthetic sounds.  

Recommended Tracks: "Take Me To Love", "Underwater"

7. B- Quartet 

Photo Credits: B-Quartet Facebook

On hiatus but still an inspiration to many active and upcoming local acts, B-Quartet remains one of the key labels in singapore’s burgeoning indie rock scene. They made their recording debut in 2005 with the 5 track EP The Smitten Bard, the inaugural release of Aging Youth Records. Following that, they then released their own full-length album debut, Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address in 2008. 

Recommended Tracks: "Shoebox", "A Dull Taste On my Tongue"

8. Pleasantry

Photo Credits: Pleasantry Bandcamp 

The quintet crafts music out of each member’s disparate listening backgrounds. Synapses is a ten-track album that features material gathered from a variety of influences. Drawing inspiration from dreamed-up scenarios based on real-life scripts, their compositions showcase simple lyrical tones offset by the accompaniment of rich instrumentation and varied song structures. 

Recommended Tracks: "Near and Dear", "False Realities"

9. Theodora Lau

Photo Credits: Offkey Singapore 

This latest up and coming singer-songwriter entered Noise (music mentorship progamme) and Baybeats fearlessly, recalling how she had nothing to lose as a singer songwriter. Rabbithole - her current EP - was written for her auditions for Baybeats and also has brought her into the spot light of the local music scene. Listen to Theodora here and support her upcoming EP. 

Recommended Tracks: "Lines", "Rabbit Hole"

Head over here to get your dose of local music.

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