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15 Possessions That Label You As Singaporean Instantly

Being Singaporeans, we are easily identified amidst our cosmopolitan city. As different as we all individually are, we are all tied by traits that are uniquely Singaporean. For the kiasu Singaporean in you, we have prepared a list of things that you can own because you are proud to be the people of this hot and sunny island. Here we go!

1. Old Biscuit Tin Pin, wheniwasfour, $15.90

Growing up with this snack is definitely a phase that all Singaporeans have gone through. Nostalgia game is really strong when this is pinned.

2. Pandan Cake Earring Studs, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana, $18  

Don't we love a good fluffy slice of fragrant pandan cake once in a while? Put this almost edible earring studs on and declare your love for pandan cakes!

3. Country Erasers Print, artof.chris, $16.90

If flicking iconic erasers of various country flags was your favourite past time back in primary school, this print will be a great way to remind yourself of the good ol' times when you were younger and when days were simpler. 

4. I Am Not Kiasu Notebook, Epigram Books, $9.90

Yes, we are. And this notebook will be your best way to shun off nasty looks the next time you rush to get your minion toys at McDonald's. 

5. Good Morning Towel Drawstring Bag, Indie Mama, $15 

Made of Singapore's favourite tea towel, this drawstring bag can be used to store your clean clothes when you are going to your next vacation or your next gym class. 

6. The Ballsy Tee, Roadside Stall, $28.90

The next time you want to order a cuppa Milo, show up in this t-shirt and ask for tak kiu (literally "kick ball" in Hokkien) from your favourite kopitiam, because that's how it's done. For those of you who have no clue about this correlation, you will after you see this.

7. Kopi Tote, Dottyprints, $22.90

Speaking of kopitiam, if you are always in need of that cup of good ol' traditional coffee, this tote bag will definitely make your day.

8. Chapalang Special SG50 Goodie Bag, Ella Zheng, $10

In the spirit of SG50, this goodie bag puts everything that you grow up with together, making it great gift for your BFF who has been your team mate since you knew how to play with the rubber soldiers.

9. Shiok Print, David Solzbacher, $85 

Tis' the season to eat some shiok durians! Embrace the durian seasons 24/7 with this print

10. Chicken Rice Cushion Cover, wheniwasfour, $28

Steamed or roasted, chicken rice is always a dish close to home. Dream of it when you hug your cushion, dressed in this cover.

11. Stunned Vegetables T-shirt, Temasek Clothings, $30


Singapore's video of the year has to be this. Stay #stunnedasvegetables with this t-shirt

12. Potong Red Bean Necklace, thepigbakesclay, $19.90


There are days for Magnum and Cornetto. But doesn't the potong red bean ice cream just bring back the good times and hit the spot too? 

13. HDB Evenings Print, Ming//Playgrd, $20

Summing up a typical evening at your HDB, this print will remind you of where you come from, wherever you go. 

14. Tee-saurus Singlish Sketchpad, Tee-Saurus, $15

For those who are sick and tired of informing your colleagues where you are at, this sketchpad is here to help you fend off those buggers. 

15. SMLJ T-shirt, Statement, $29.90

An acronym for a crude word that can be used in fun and angry situations. Please use sparingly.

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