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10 Gifts For Your Punny Friends

Everyone loves a good pun and it is best shared with your fellow punny friends. We have fished out 10 pun-loaded gifts in the sea of products we have. For any and almost every occasion, this selection will be paramount for your pun-being. 

1. Udon Mess With Me Greeting Card, The Kardiacs, $3.95

For your bestie whom you have gone through thick and thin, who have seen your good and bad, this card will be the cutest way to thank him or her for being there.  

2. Freshly Baked Puns Zine, Wood&Lead, $15

What's not to love about the perfect marriage of food and puns? Flipping through this will definitely tickle your bones while teasing your appetite. 

3. You're Just My Type Greeting Card, Punny Pixels, $4.50

For the graphic design geeks who are confessing to their fellow geeky lovers, this card will definitely make anyone go "aww". 

4. Espresso Yourself Body Scrub, Katfood, $26

Known for its punny product names, Katfood offers a range of beauty and skincare products that will make your heart skip a beat, even just by looking at its packaging. 

5. Don't Say I Bojio T-shirt, Wet Tee Shirt, $29.90

Bojio, which literally means "never ask someone out" in Hokkien, can also be interpreted as "no banana" in Hokkien. So, here's the banana for you.

6. Check Out My... Boy T-shirt, Ruffle My Hair, $30

While everyone got a shock when we first know about this (sans image), we were pleasantly tickled after seeing this t-shirt in real life. What are you thinking, dirty minds? 

7. I Whale Always Love You Card, Knick Knack and Prints, $3

If you love someone who loves whales, this card will be really apt. 

8. You're So Deer To Me Card, Hej Juni, $8.50

Perfect card for your dearest, your beloved and your favourite. 

9. I Love You Beary Much Greeting Card, Ozzy & Lulu, $5

Remind your loved ones that you really love them beary much with this

10. Heir-Raising (Baby Shower) Letterpress Card, The Fingersmith Letterpress, $7.50

Probably one of its kind, this card pretty much sums up a brand new beginning for new parents. 

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