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5 Fashion Tips To Survive The Eternal Summer Heat

Summer heat is nothing new to all Singaporeans. With the overpowering heat and humidity all year round, everyone has their own way of dressing up to accommodate to this weather. Learn some new summer dressing tips and tricks, and keep your coolness level in check without draining your sweat. 

1. First Step To Fight The Heat

Photo Credits: ASOS

Photo Credits: Teva

Photo Credits: ASOS

Many of us are concerned with trapping our feet in sneakers, boots or any covered footwear, simply because it already is so hot on the outside. Wearing sandals is the best way to bring your style level to another notch, especially these strappy sandals, instead of your usual slippers. Thick or thin, these strappy sandals will keep your dressy in this heat. 

2. Hair Out Of The Way

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For those of you with long hair, keep them away for your neck area to cool yourself down. Instead of your usual bun, wrap a bandana around your head, giving your hairdo an extra edge, while channelling the pin-up girl look at the same time. Gentlemen, style your hair with some heat-withstanding pomade and you can look hot, without feeling hot. 

3. It's All About The Colours, Sweetie

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You might have already known this but we are pretty sure it might have slipped out of your mind, subconsciously - darker colours trap more heat than the lighter ones. Colours is one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to choosing the right clothes to put on. That said, it still depends on the type of fabrics you are wearing to ensure minimal perspiration.

4. Keep Them Thin, Keep Them Light

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The next time you are going on a shopping spree for clothes, take a closer look at the fabrics used. Choose clothes that are made of cotton or linen, as they tend to trap lesser heat, making them great fabric choices for your summer gear. 

5. Essential Sun Shield

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Hats are perfect and easy ways to block off those nasty rays from above. Panama hats will be your best bet to fight this heat. Lightweight and breathable, this straw hat will definitely help you survive this eternal heat with definite style. 

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