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19 Ways To Dress Up Your Kitchen under $50

Kitchen is a place where you whip up delicious dishes to feed your loved ones. While you get busy trying out new recipes to surprise them, don't forget how your kitchen looks can also inspire you in many other ways. Be it a new cup, coaster, or even a decal, you will be able to get an affordable instant facelift that will keep your pocket intact. We have put together 19 items that will not only cater to the aesthetics of your kitchen, but also bring more joy to food preparation, cooking sessions and eating time with your friends and family. 

1. My Kitchen Is For Dancing Decal, Made of Sundays, $49.90

Here's a gentle reminder to jiggle a little while you are waiting for that the pasta to get al dente. 

2. Frites Apron (left) & Burger Apron (right), Woouf!, $32 each

Nothing sets you into the right cheery mood to cook more than this adorable aprons from Woouf! Aren't you hungry just looking at them?

3. Mr P. Lick Mug, Propaganda, $15.90

Fret not, this ain't your coffee stain. Trick your family and friends with this fun mug!

4. Stockholm Boxed Canister (Individual), Rosanna, from $26.90 

Bring on the Scandinavian vibes, even in your kitchen, with these lovely canisters to house your sugar, spices, and even utensils!

5. Snug Cloud Sponge,, $13.90

Scrub away your sorrows of dirty plates and utensils with this cutie sponge.

6. Black & White Round Concrete Coasters (Set of 2), halfhalf, $15 

Channel the industrial look when you serve your guests refreshing beverages on these concrete coasters

7. Iconic Kopitiam Cup Planter, Anything Planter, $19

Placed in the iconic cup, which is commonly used in kopitiam (a.k.a. coffeeshop in Hokkien), this planter will be perfect in your kitchen, adding some greens and life to your space aptly. 

8. Set of 5 Spoons, Aljir Fine Crafts, $35

Handcrafted to perfection, these spoons of various uses will add a touch of finesse to your collection of serving spoons. Plus, they will look stunning in photos too!

9. Mood Mug in Seriously Sleepy, THABTO, $27

Let your mug speak for you. Be it happy or sleepy, there will be a mug that will be able to express how you feel. 

10. Salt & Pepper Cones, Labyrinth, $24 

Now, we can safely say that you can stop the traffic with these salt and pepper cones

11. Eight Key Teaspoon, Departures & Arrivals, $15

Delicate and elegant, this teaspoon, made of fine bone china, will be go well with your collection of fine chinaware.

12. Leaf A Message Magnet Set, Qualy, $16.90 

Forget about the magnets you have gotten as souvenirs from your holidays. Use these leaf magnets and get your new recipes stuck to the fridge for easy reference.

13. Mormor Crockeries Plate Large, Normann Copenhagen, $46 

Fall in love with this neat grid plate design and serve your guest yummy food on this. Classy and pleasing to the eyes, even on its own. 

14. Mosaic Tile Rubber Coaster (Pack of 2) in White, Rumenn, $10.95  

No need to worry about the condensation on your cups or mini spills when handling your drink. These rubber coasters, designed like a tile, comes with little grooves to hold the liquids in, without causing a mess on your table or countertop.

15. Eye Porcelain Stickers, NUUKK, $12

For the crafty folks, this porcelain stickers will be a great weekend project to help revive your plain porcelain crockeries, and inject some fun factors into them.

16. Shear Mug, Propaganda, $20

Here's a trippy mug that will give your home an edge over the others. Different dimension, different perspective.

17. Snug Button,, $44

Ditch your regular potholder and get this wooden Snug Button. When not in use, this will also make a good decor piece in your kitchen.

18. Honeycomb Coasters (Set of 2), FormMaker, $29

Work the colours into your home with these coasters. When unused, feel free to arrange them into an art piece or simply stack them together and stow them away.

19. Every Baker Is An Artist Wall Decal, White Tulip Decal, $22.50

Turn your kitchen into your creative space with this decal as a constant reminder. 

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