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Endless Summer: 10 Summer Beach Holiday Must-Haves

Not sure about you guys but the scorching sun naturally beckons many, at least for us, to book their next beach holiday pronto. While you are dreaming of the spectacular view and the cooling waters that you will be embracing, we have chosen 10 beach holiday essentials that you shouldn't miss out for your next summer holiday. Find out what they are and get them ready before you hit the beach!

1. Block Them Rays

The Deity - SPF30 Mattifying Sunscreen, Alexiares & Ani, $39

While tanning might be your main agenda for your beach holiday, it is nonetheless wise to put on some sunscreen on your face to keep the nasty rays at bay and under control. You wouldn't want to be burnt, would you? With its mattifying function, you don't have to worry about the stickiness that we all dread when putting on sunscreen. 

2. See No Evil

Koala Round Sunglasses in Brown Tortoiseshell Frame, ALO Korea, $89 

Believe it or not, sunglasses are able to help you minimise the risk of photokeratitis, an eye condition that is caused by exposure of UV rays, and even skin cancer around the eyes. Apart from its health benefits, this sunglasses is your best bet for a stylish getup too!

3. Shield From Above

Balangan Cap, Paris + Hendzel, $80

Another style winner for your beach moments will be this cap from Paris + Hendzel. A little fun fact: this series of caps are inspired from Indonesian beliefs and the tropical beach life of Bali. Not only that, it also protects you from the sun from above, while putting your getup together, giving it a little swag without being over the top. 

4. Channeling The Hippie Chick


Festival Bag in Orange, Kolombiana$180

Bring out that hippie chick in you and complete your summer outfit with this stylish Mochila bag from Kolombiana. Nothing screams beach life more than this. 

5. Beaded Beach Companion 

Koh Phangan Bracelet, Diliya B., $64

Accessories are mean to accentuate and emphasise on the vibes you are channeling, while bring out the essence of your outfit. This, needless to say, is a must-have for you beach kids, girls and boys alike. 

6. Rediscover Your Soul

What Gives Us Our Names by Alvin Pang, Math Paper Press, $10

Grab a book, like this one, and read it while you embrace the warmth of the sun, the symphony of the waves, and the rejuvenation of your soul.   

7. Anticipate The Sea 

Jeju Island Case - iPhone 6, Dear Maison, $39

Just look at this beauty! Even if you are not with the deep blue sea yet, this phone case can immediately bring you a step closer. 

8. Summer Vibes Statement Necklace

Tie Dye Rice Wood Short Necklace in LilacWoon Hung, $119

Available in 4 colours, this dip dyed necklace is a perfect finishing touch to your beach getup. Even after your holiday, this necklace will still make a great accent to your daily outfits. 

9. Plan Your Next Getaway


Nope, there is nothing wrong in planning your next holiday while you are on a holiday. Get some inspirations from this magazine where they featured travel stories from various people and contributors. Fun fact: one of us from #TeamNaiise contributed in AFTERGLOBE #1. Hint: She bakes. :)

10. Plug Them In

In-Ear Headphones - Deluxe Metallic in Rose Gold, Happy Plugs, $49

Block out the world while you indulge in a little me-time on the beach with this classy in-ears from Happy Plugs. Put on your favourite tune and get ready to rock and roll! 

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