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Naiise Stores Introduction ft. Westgate, Wheelock and Central

What a year 2015 has been for Naiise! Not only have we opened up 3 brick-and-mortar stores in 4 months, we also juggled a second round of a massive pop-up, The Design Supermarket, at Orchard Central. However, what you may not have realised is that these stores are not simply just carbon copies of each other, even though we put them up in super quick succession! Careful consideration has been put into the planning of the concept and intended experience of each store for all our shoppers to make for unique retail experiences :) 

Here, we will be giving you the low-down of Naiise's three stores across Singapore. Read on to find out how each store's concept came about, what the team has done to transform the space and what you can discover at our various stores.  


3 Gateway Dr
(S) 608532
Open from: 11am - 10pm daily

Store Concept

Opened in March 2015 and located in the heart of the Western suburbs, this store is great for neighbouring families! The store houses a whole range of products to cater to every member of the family. Whether you're looking for walking canes for the old or something cute like handmade baby bolsters for the young, we hope for everyone to be able to find something they like and that they can use.  

Can you guess what this space used to be before it was Naiise? (Hint: look at all the mirrors lining the floor!) 

Plans are in the works to perk up the store with a new special display section, where we will put a few brands and products in the spotlight every few weeks. This aims to give you more information about the product or the designer that you probably wouldn't have known just by looking at the item itself. Watch out for this! 

What to Expect

This store is basically like a little treasure box. You never know what you may find, and you should probably check all the nook and crannies for things to discover! Be greeted by our all-time favourite Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag right at the entrance. A distinct element of our Westgate store is the amazing wall collage made up from striking canvas and regular prints of different styles and sizes. 

P.S. Careful you don’t walk into the mirrors behind our cashier counter!


501 Orchard Road
(S) 238880
Open from: 11am - 10pm daily

Store Concept

This store was set up in May 2015, in the midst of our hectic pop-up store, The Design Supermarket at Orchard Central. Green grass carpeting lines some of the floor and shelves, while real plants hang from the hooks and ceilings. Our inspiration? You guessed it - we're aiming for elements of a fresh greenhouse! 

Naiise @ Wheelock is also where we cultivate our new and fresh arrivals from various designers, with exclusive products specially available only to us. If you want to shop some the freshest products off our online shop, Naiise @ Wheelock is the place to go! Every fortnight, we debut fresh arrivals on the main front table. In addition, the store also stocks classic bestsellers at Naiise, allowing our customers to interact with both the new and all-time favourites.

Did you know that this outlet was conceptualised and planned entirely by our group of interns? From the interior design to the product mix, the store was the result of their creativity and effort. Intern power! 

What to expect

Our star attraction at Wheelock is definitely the display right in the middle of the store, welcoming you with new and fresh products when you enter. Browse our stylishly curated range of items, which serve as great gifts for your friends and family, souvenirs for your friends who are visiting Singapore, or even for yourself! Compared to our other two stores, Naiise @ Wheelock may have a smaller range of products due to the store size. But what we lack in quantity here, we make up in quality. Check out how we put the Boskke Sky Planters into good use at the store too.

Clarke Quay Central

Eu Tong Sen St
Open from: 11am - 10pm daily

Store Concept

Our absolute biggest store to date, we needed to come up with bigger and more ambitious ideas when it came to dreaming up the look and feel of the place. Drawing from our tagline "Design For Everyone, For Everyday", our theme for Central revolves around "Living with Design", encouraging shoppers to come and experience how it is like to interact with all aspects of design, all day err day.

We have engaged our local designers and craft makers to come in for arranged workshops, which allow our shoppers to not only breathe in design, but also get to try out what it is like to make, design and craft a product that they can truly call their own, with the guidance of local experts who are on-board with us.  

What to expect

Bigger space means... more things to discover! 

Naiise @ Central allows shoppers to wander around the store, allowing them to discover products, including furniture, for their everyday needs. Take a walk deeper into the store and one would find our section of local awesomeness and personal accessories, ranging from jewellery to bags, and even skincare and beauty products!

Feel free to hang out at the store at our chill out corner, where our brand new music and literature collection are housed at. That is also where workshops, which are conducted by some of our makers, designers and crafters who are onboard with us, will be happening on most weekends. Don't hesitate to make yourself comfortable and try out the doob® bean bags that are scattered throughout our store. 

While you might get a rough idea of how all stores are like right now, we would still encourage you to head down and experience all three stores by yourself because there is only this much words can bring you to.

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