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Blank Space No More: 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Blank Wall

Tired of staring at a blank wall at home? Give your home some character by decorating your wall! Working with such a huge canvas may seem daunting and time-consuming, but don't let this hold you back from letting out your inner interior designer. Take this as an opportunity to unleash your creativity or gather your family and turn it into a fun bonding activity. Be it your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even your toilet, here are some simple ways to work that wall! 


1. Perking It Up with a Print Wall

If you've been to our store at Westgate, you would have seen our lovely collage of prints (as seen above), designed by various artists, in all shapes and sizes. Below are some prints you can use to replicate this look in your home as well.  

Essence of Blurcock Poster by Sibei Authentic

Syrup 01 Art Print by Jahan Loh

Sibei Authentic provides a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of what it means to be 'blur' by ironically combining it with chicken essence, a favourite beverage of students right before their examinations to help them study better. For a more Andy Warhol pop art kind of look, check out the Syrup 01 Art Print. Instead of canned Campbell's soup, Jahan Loh uses something more familiar to our local supermarkets. With bold lines and bright colours, these modern prints will add a splash of style to your wall.


Blue Eustoma Gown by Love Limzy

These lovely photographs combining watercolours and flowers by Love Limzy will give an element of simple elegance to your home. 

Be Fearlessly Authentic Print by The Letter J Supply  

Do More Poster-Wildflower by Posterchild 

An inspiring quote on your wall can help to perk you up on your bad days and further motivate you on your good days! Pick a phrase you love most, stick it on your wall and let it serve as a reminder of how to live your life. 

2. Oohs and Aahs With Wall Decals

Besides prints, wall decals can beautify your home instantly too. Get the family together, stick these decals on the wall, then step back and admire your masterpiece.

 Not All Who Wander Are Lost Wall Decal  by White Tulip Decal

Inspirational quotes come in the form of wall decals as well! Besides this quote for those who are still trying to figure out their way in life, White Tulip Decal also provides quotes for people who love to bake and people who don't know what to do with the lemons that life gives them

Chalkboard Apple Wall Sticker  by The Binary Box

These chalkboard decals by The Binary Box are especially fun and versatile. Let the kids scribble on the wall without breaking any rules or leave a note for your loved ones everyday where they can spot it easily. 

Happy Wall Pattern Vinyl Decal by Made of Sundays

To leave your house permanently in party mode, use these confetti-like patterns to create a cheery ambiance. Don't be afraid to be different and shake things up a bit! 

3. Get Personal with Postcards

If you're looking to decorate a smaller space, prints and wall decals may be a bit much and exaggerated. Why not use some pretty postcards? To give the setup a more personalised touch, use some of your own photos or small memorabilia such as movie tickets to finish it up.

Moon Gazing Forest Cards by The Gentlemen's Press

These charming and stylish patterns printed by The Gentlemen's Press adds a touch of elegance to your wall at an affordable price. Who ever said that looking stylish had to be expensive?

 Sketches of Tiong Bahru Postcards (Set of 16)  by Arts To U

These beautiful sketches of Tiong Bahru done by members of Urban Sketchers Singapore give a poetic take on the hipster cafe enclave that is seemingly stuck in time. 

Foodie Postcards  by Wheniwasfour

Done in a flash card style, these foodie postcards by wheniwasfour could be more cruel than cute when you are hungry. Regardless, they are still adorable and can give your wall the element of quirkiness that you are looking for. 

4. Funk It Up With Folding Kits 

If you are looking beyond quirkiness, something totally wild and out of the box, these animal heads folding kits may just be for you. 

Paper Giraffe Folding Kit by AssembliShop

Let's Go New York Wooden Sign by Hu2

Requiring a tiny bit of crafty prowess, this 3D puzzle comes with instructions on how to bring it to life. These unique wall decorations make for a great focal point in your home or to make your child's room more magical and adventurous than before. For the modern types, the wooden sign by Hu2 can spruce up your minimalist space instantly without being too overpowering for the entire decor. In fact, it makes a perfect centrepiece!

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