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20 Must-Have Unique Singapore Souvenirs

Unlikes what souvenirs connote, souvenirs can be quirky and they now come in many varieties such as jewellery, foods, prints, t-shirts, knick-knacks, tote bags, etc. Seasoned with Singapore flavours and some local humour, these souvenirs are not just souvenirs; they are functional, practical, and pretty to look at. Here are our top 20 cool and unique souvenirs that will remind you of the many sides of Singapore.


1. Streets Canvas Bag, LOVE SG, $26.90

On this tote bag are some places that you probably have brought your foreign friend as part of your Singapore tour itinerary. Gift them a fragment of their memory in Singapore with this tote bag. 


2. Baby Mer Mer the Merlion, The Forest Factory, $22.90

You've not visited Singapore until you have met the Merlion, Singapore's iconic mythical creature. Now available in a huggable and more adorable form, Mer Mer undoubtedly makes a great souvenir for the travellers, and even the locals. 


3. Lapis Sagu Earring Studs, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana, $20.00

Inspired by the rainbow kueh, also known as kueh lapis, this almost edible accessory definitely brings back a punch of nostalgia from our childhood days. Known for her mad skills for making life-like jewellery and accessories, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana will definitely be a treat for the eyes.


4. Singlish Passport - Best Kaki, Singlish Mamashop, $7.00

Here's the passport to lifetime worth of friendship. Gift this to your true 'kaki', Singaporean slang for 'buddy', and show them what they mean to you. This passport-looking notebook even allows you to put his/her photo, making it a one and only in the world, customised for him/her. 


5. Chew - Clan Badge Keychain, Meykrs, $9.90

Injecting puns into some of Singaporean's most common surnames, this keychain/magnet from Meykrs will definitely tickle you hard.


6. Turquoise Peranakan Tiles Notebook, LavenderCraftingCorner, $9.90

The beautiful Peranakan tiles brings us right back to the shophouse days, a representation of our historic Singaporean five-foot way architecture, donning this notebook with a rich vintage flavour. 


7. Good Morning Mug, Souvenirs From Singapore, $12.90

Turning the iconic Singapore's favourite tea towel, the Good Morning Tea Towel, into a mug, this is one that will win the oohs and ahhs from your friends.


8. Going To The Market Dialect Book, Sibeynostalgic, $12.00

Throwback to those days when we had our Civics and Moral education (or 好公民) textbooks with vibrant illustrations. This book by Sibeynostalgic immediately reminds us of it but once you turn the cover, you will be greeted by various dialect phrases that you can pick up and practise in various daily conversations with your friends and family.


9. Map Of Singapore, Urbanxmaps, $20.00

For that one friend who loves to collect art pieces all over the world, what is a better souvenir than a sketch of Singapore's map? This minimalistic map of Singapore will be a great addition to your home.

Tip: Spice this up a little and encourage your friends to pin photos taken at different parts of Singapore on this map as part of their travelogue. 


10. The Singapore Rainforest, Wild Drawings, $25.00

A must-have for any nature-lovers, we have a compilation of Singapore's frequently sighted animals and organisms, proving our urban environment to be richer in biodiversity than we have imagined. 


11. The Paddle Pop Pin, This Chepooka, $13.00

Part of our memories growing up, heading to our local convenient store, or mama shop, to get paddle pop ice cream is definitely one of them. This Chepooka's take on this nostalgic memory will make you crave for your dose of paddle pop.


12. Childhood Double Decker Bus Tote, Pigologist, $22.00

Inspired by her childhood impression of a bus trip, local illustrator Pigologist records her memories through her illustrations, which many of us can definitely relate to. 


13. Tingkat Carrier, THE FARM STORE, $69.90

Resembling the vintage shophouse architecture, this Singaporean style lunchbox, familiarly known as tinkgkat, comes with 3 separate compartments. Not only does it look adorable, it is also made with rice husks, enabling it to withstand food all temperatures. Perfect for your foodie friends!


14. Shophouses Of Singapore Clear iPhone 6/7 Case, Papercranes Lettering and Design, $19.50

Speaking of architecture, this phone case, originally illustrated by Papercranes Lettering and Design, will keep your favourite colourful iconic shophouses at your fingertips.


15. Chut Pattern 01: Red Lion T-Shirt, Temasek Clothings, $34.90

Temasek Clothings has once again brought our attention to another interesting piece inspired by the familiar prints on plastic bags we receive at local stores and markets. Wear this and crack your friends up, especially on days when you feel like a plastic bag!


16. Skyline Outline Card Holder, LOVE SG, $29.90

Looking for a simple and sleek souvenir for your friends? Then there's no turning away from this cardholder made with premium textured leatherette, with Singapore's iconic skyline etched on it.


17. Ice Kachang Tea in Tin, ETTE Tea, $26.00

You probably have tried one of Singapore's popular desserts, Ice Kachang, but have you tried Ice Kachang Tea? ETTE Tea has blended this interesting tea that will treat your palate to a tea-meets-dessert experience.


18. Teh Tarik Motion Postcard, Souvenirs From Singapore, $4.90

We can safely say drinking teh tarik, or pulled milk tea, is one of Singaporean's favourite things to do with their friends. Just looking at this motion postcard makes us crave for a cuppa right now!


19. Microfibre Mousepad - Multicolour, Now&Then, $9.90

Calling out to frequent desktop-users, this pop art style of mousepad puts famous tourist attractions and Singapore icons in a tasteful and artistic manner. 


20. Recipe Plate Chilli Crab, Souvenirs From Singapore, $16.90

The best for the last, how can anyone not think about the Chilli Crab when we talk about Singapore? What's awesome about this plate is that you get the recipe to cook your favourite local dish and serve it in too! Brilliant, we say!






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Transferit - July 25, 2019

Nice Blog

Jes - July 3, 2017


Besides local souvenirs, maybe you can try adding local snacks too. Old school biscuits included!

Naiise Editor - February 7, 2017

Hey Rodney

We ship most items to UK, unless otherwise stated.

Happy shopping! :)

Naiise Editor

Rodney - January 27, 2017

Can I order online and have it mailed directly to the U.K.?

Lucas - December 8, 2016

Hello there!
Really awesome designs that are fresh and Shout out Singapore!

Proud to be from Singapore!
On a side note, maybe you could feature some good food like Chicken Rice / Bak Kut Teh packs as souvenirs as well.

After all, they are part of our culture!

Lee Li Xuan - July 27, 2015

Hi there!

We chanced upon your website and like the designs. We are organizing an urgent company event for SG50. It seems a lot to ask..Would it be possible to deliver by end of this week?


Li Xuan

Lee Li Xuan - July 27, 2015

Hi there!

We find your designs unique and nice. We have been tasked to urgently organize a SG50 celebration and are looking to see if we can get the gifts by end of this week. May I check with you if this is possible? Thank you!

Li Xuan

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