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20 Must-Have Unique Singapore Souvenirs

Jun 05 2015

Souvenirs are no longer in a form of mass produced goods with a stamp of "Singapore" on each of them. They now exist in many various forms, such as jewellery, foods, prints, t-shirts, knick-knacks, tote bags, etc. Seasoned with Singapore flavours, these souvenirs are not just souvenirs; they are both functional and practical. Set to change your perspective of souvenirs, we have come up with 20 cool and unique souvenirs that will remind you of the many sides of Singapore.

1. Peta Singapura by Lee Xin Li

Take a peek into the history and landmarks of all areas of Singapore with this map by Lee Xin Li. Providing as much details as he could, he illustrated this map based on his memories of what each part of Singapore looked like. Singaporean or not, this makes a good art piece to jazz up your home or workspace. 

2. Png Kueh Girl Wristlet Bag by Ang Ku Kueh Girl And Friends

Be it a new or existing fan of Png Kueh, or Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake, this wristlet will be the best way to proclaim your love for this popular local tea-time snack. 

3. Singlish Perpetual Calendar by THE FARM STORE

One of the things that make Singapore one of a kind is the unique use of English by the locals, or fondly known as Singlish. Whether if it's for a fellow Singaporean or for a foreigner who has a newfound love for this language, this perpetual calendar will make a delightful and timeless add-on to your home.

4. Ang Ku Kueh Earring Studs by Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana

Add a fun element to your getup with this almost edible ear stud. Known for her mad skills for making life-like jewellery and accessories, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana will definitely be a treat for the eyes. 

5. Ta Pau Print by David Solzbacher

Close to the hearts of Singaporeans, this print not only puts Singapore's culture in place artistically, it also makes a beautiful addition to your home with a tasteful local touch. 

6. Good Morning Towel Drawstring Bag by Indie Mama

Known for being Singapore's favourite tea towel, the Good Morning Towel is put into good use here and made into a handy drawstring bag to hold your belongings. The best thing about this is that you can throw into your washing machine and clean it without worrying about damaging it. 

7. Lao Hor T-shirt by Temasek Clothings

Tiger beer lovers, here's something for you. This t-shirt, with "Tiger" bring translated fondly and directly into Hokkien, will be your ideal outfit for your next toast. Even if you don't drink, this still makes a great apparel to make you tickle your funny bones. 

8. I Am Not Kiasu Notebook by Epigram Books 

Kiasu, which means "scared of losing" in Hokkien, is one of the iconic traits of Singaporeans. But don't be shy about it! Get this notebook and let it speak for your kiasu-ism

9. Farquhar's Neverland (1819-1860) Cup by THE FARM STORE

Tasked to design a historical moment of Singapore, MessyMsxi, the artist who came up with this design, did up a fictional banknote of William Farquhar with his beloved pets for this series of ceramic cups by KIHARA. Really cool and not tacky at all!

10. Singlish Sketchpad by Tee-saurus

Providing a fun and very Singaporean way of telling people that you are not at your desk, this sketchpad comes with spare pages for you to jot down notes and even leave your own funny explanations of your absence. 

11. Things I Did in Singapore Postcard by The Fingersmith Letterpress 

Bring a piece of Singapore home with you in a form of this postcard. Also available in Things I Saw and Things I Ate in Singapore, this letterpress postcard will make a great decorative accent for your home when framed. 

12. Embrace Me Cushion Cover by SCENE SHANG

These cushion covers printed with Singapore iconic monuments will make great alternate Singapore souvenirs. Be it for your friends or yourself, the cushion covers will be perfect as mood boosters for your home with the beautifully illustrated landmarks.

13. Singapore Sling Marmalade by Straits Preserves

Many foreigners know Singapore because of its famous cocktail, Singapore Sling. If you have drunk it and you love it, this marmalade rendition is definitely worth a try. No worries, no alcohol in there. So you can eat it all day all night without feeling like an alcoholic. 

14. Around Singapore Print by Lee Xin Li


Exclusive to Naiise, this print is illustrated in conjunction of SG50. Featuring the many sides of Singapore, this print will make a good centrepiece for your space. 

15. Xiao Hong Dian Luggage Tag by LOVE SG


If you do not already know, Singapore is also dearly and adorably known as the "Little Red Dot". This luggage tag will remind you of this little sunny island no matter where you are travelling to. 

16. Kueh Tote Bag by Shu Han Lee

Conquer every day with this tote bag. Functional and pleasing to the eyes, this tote bag will easily be your daily go-to bag.  

17. SG50 Mahjulah Red T-shirt by Wet Tee Shirt

Wear it like a jersey for your team, a uniform for your country. This t-shirt needs no explanation. Just wear it and go forth!

18. HDB & Playground Mug by Now&Then

Peppered with elements of HDB flats and playgrounds, this mug will be perfect for your daily cuppa coffee or tea, together with that nostalgic Singapore vibe.

19. Durian Badge by THE FARM STORE

Fan of the King of fruits, wear this on you and declare your love for durians with this badge. 

20. Rose Bandung Kopitiam Lip Balm by Shophouse Sixtyfive

If you can't get enough of Bandung, or rose syrup beverage, smear this on your lips and keep them moisturised with your favourite flavour.



  • Posted by Lucas on December 08, 2016

    Hello there!
    Really awesome designs that are fresh and Shout out Singapore!

    Proud to be from Singapore!
    On a side note, maybe you could feature some good food like Chicken Rice / Bak Kut Teh packs as souvenirs as well.

    After all, they are part of our culture!

  • Posted by Lee Li Xuan on July 27, 2015

    Hi there!

    We chanced upon your website and like the designs. We are organizing an urgent company event for SG50. It seems a lot to ask..Would it be possible to deliver by end of this week?


    Li Xuan

  • Posted by Lee Li Xuan on July 27, 2015

    Hi there!

    We find your designs unique and nice. We have been tasked to urgently organize a SG50 celebration and are looking to see if we can get the gifts by end of this week. May I check with you if this is possible? Thank you!

    Li Xuan


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