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Watch Your Time - 8 Timepieces For 8 Personalities

Keeping track of time can be done in multiple ways these days, especially with the easy access of the clock function on your phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. But there is something that is still alluring about the use of the watch. 

A timepiece tells not only time, but also one's personality. From the fun-loving hippie to the dapper gentleman, there is a watch that spells your name back and forth. 8 watches for 8 personalities, here we go!

1. Jungle Camo Watch by HyperGrand

Worth The Time For: Camo-loving utilitarian who believes firmly that form should always follow function

Price: $160

2. Amber Series Watch by Simpl

Worth The Time For: The minimalist who doesn't need the numbers because he knows the numbers.

Price: $160

3. Frida Watch by TOKYObay


Worth The Time For: The hippie at heart who is free-spirited and adores colours to death

Price: $170

4. Golden Age Watch by Kulte

Worth The Time For: The human magpie - one who cannot resist the glamourous shine

Price: $149

5. Classic Cambridge Men Watch by Daniel Wellington

Worth The Time For: The classy man who indulges in the embrace of the sun, the sand and the sea

Price: $259

6. Inverti Men's Watch by FORTE

Worth The Time For: The man who likes to impress the ladies with his fashionable and timeless sense of style

Price: $257 

7. Montre Time Is Running Out Watch by Kulte


Worth The Time For: The hipster who is always working hard to be ahead of all other hipsters

Price: $149

8. Classic Sheffield Lady Watch by Daniel Wellington

Worth The Time For: The elegant lady who believes in spending money only on things that last, in terms of both durability and style

Price: $269 

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