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5 Ways To Be Minimalistic Without Being Boring

Minimalism is nothing new. It has been around since 1960s during the post-World War II era, and has stood through time and lived till today. These days, we practise keeping things minimalistic in our homes, the way we dress, and the things we possess. Minimalism is more than meets the eye; it's a way of living, almost like your second skin. 

Many would associate minimalism with simplicity and seriousness. For those of you who are interested in adopting this particular style but are worried that you might lose your unique and fun personality, we've got some tips for you. Here we are with 5 ways that you can be minimalistic in your daily life without being overly boring, from what you wear to what you eat. 

1. Unveiling The Humour Within

No Lah Where Got T-shirt in Black, Statement, $29.90

Warrior Tee, Kult3D, $50

Who's Your Daddy Tee, Temasek Clothings, $30

Keeping your outfit to black and white is the easiest to introduce minimalism into your daily getup. However, on a first glance, black and white infer coldness and hostility. To retain your humourous self, these tees, infused with local humour or your daily Singaporean slangs, will help to keep your funny side in check. 

Best for: Folks who like to crack little jokes that only a small handful of people will understand them

2. Triangles, Polygons & Other-gons

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LUCAS41 Pendant Lamp, Deslogue, $79

Umbrella Socks in Black, Loco, $14.90

Another way to stay away from the lifeless and cold minimalistic look is the use of shapes. While geometry is still in trend, you can choose simple home decor pieces, personal accessories, or even your manicure, that infuse the shapes and geometries.

Best For: The introverted extroverts

3.  Slightly More Is Fine

I Am A Teochew Pin, Sibeynostalgic, $15


Black Bird Brooch, Sketch Inc., $26

Cat Paw Wooden Brooch, Alfie de Meow, $9

Little accents, like brooches, can help you to stay away from the typical minimalistic look. Pin them on your clothes or bags, and you will see the instant lift from your getup. This is an easy way to keep the colours toned down while adding a fun dimension and character to your look. 

Best for: Those who constantly seek little somethings to make everyday living a fun affair

4. Deep Thinker 

Believe In Yourself Wall Sticker, Hu2, $42 

Wrong Story Vinyl Decal, Made of Sundays, $49.90

Stay Positive Wall Decal, White Tulip Decal, $22.50

Words put things into perspective sometimes and these wall decals are good ways to dress up your workspace or home. Treat them like little mantras you breathe in every day, because you are what you believe in.

Best for: Poetic souls who love words of affirmations 

5. Eat Simple, Eat Clean

Sweet Cacao Nibs, BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods, $8.90

3-Day Juice Cleanse, Daily Juice, $148

Sugar-Free Chia Jam - Strawberry Vanilla, the blend&press co., from $5.50

If you do not already know, there is such a thing called "minimalist eating". To keep it short, it's simply eating healthy and simple. Well, with the constant health craze going on, it is inevitable to chance upon these health food, bites, and cold-pressed juices. What's cool about this is that these food can be flavourful and tasty, unlike the common misconception of how they would taste like how they sound, boring. 

Best for: Health-conscious snackers 

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Sachiro Gou - May 23, 2016

SingaPrinting( loves the wall decals! It’s so cuteeee

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