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Leather Forever: 8 Leather Products For Your Pleasure

Leather, the one material that is deemed to last and age with character. One cannot deny how sexy the smell of leather can awaken some senses within you and that is exact appeal of leather, undeniably. Head in here and dream a little dream of leather while you browse through our selection of leather goodies.

1. Status Anxiety

If long wallet is your thing, this one will definitely fit the bill. Be spoilt for choices because this wallet comes in 11 colours. Find one that screams you!

Dakota Wallet in Royal Blue, $89

2. This Is Ground

For the writer in you, this leatherback writer holder will make a great companion for your writing essentials. Perfect for those who like to keep everything in one place, this holder will be a handy tool to just that. 

Leatherback Writer Holder in 50s Turquoise, $109.90

3. Mujjo

This sleek and minimalistic iPad sleeve is to die for. We couldn't look away since we first saw it. Probably one of the lust-worthy products we are willing to sacrifice lunches for. 

Slim Fit iPad Air Sleeve in Black, $135

4. Beyzacases 

Sturdy, durable and timeless, this laptop bag is going to worth every penny that you have invested. Made in Turkey with the highest quality of leather, this bag is nothing but a classic piece to own. 

Slimbag Universal Laptop Bag in Tan, $490

5. Posh Craft 

Be it for your business cards, access card, or ez-link card, this cardholder will show off your style and taste when you whip it out of your bag or pocket. Pretty easy to match your outfits too!

J2 Leather Cardholder in Grey, $39

6. Daniel Wellington  

Don on this classic watch from Daniel Wellington and let the watch speak of your love for classy timepieces. 

Classic Bristol Men Watch in Rose Gold, $299

7. Brooks England

Unique and sturdy, this satchel backpack is a statement piece to complete your stylish getup.    

Eton Leather Satchel in Olive Green, $665

8. still.products

On its own or put together with other accessories, this leather tassel makes a fun accessory to spice up your bunch of keys or style your bag differently. 

Jumbo Leather Tassel, $18 each 

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