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Better The World With Your Ang Bao Money

We hope all of you have enjoyed the first few days of Chinese New Year, visiting your relatives and friends, and collecting a chunkload of ang bao money. Many of us are probably excited about this excess cash and are planning to spend them on some shopping, or browsing through their cart. Well, at least for us, we are (guilty as charged!). If you are on the same boat as us, we've got a splendid suggestion. Spend the money on something beautiful and meaningful! 

Do you know we have a "Social" tab on our site? 

Products and brands under this tab are all for a cause: be it through contributing to animal welfare, generating sustainable income and livelihood for those with special needs, or doing their part for the environment through recycling, reforestation and sustainable design. 

What's not to love about buying cute and useful products while doing good? We totally dig that idea and we hope you do too! 

1. The Animal Project 

Notebook - Cows, from $9.90

Milk Mug, $15.90

U-Mug - Zebras, $12.90

The Animal Project is a social enterprise that celebrates, showcases and supports the abilities of persons with special needs. A portion of profits are channelled towards supporting the artists with special needs. If you like all things animals-related, The Animal Project is really a great place to hunt for adorable and meaningful notebooks, t-shirts, mugs, tumblers etc.

2. The Everyday Revolution

Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap, $10 each

The Everyday Revolution (TER) is a social enterprise which recognises and celebrates the works of artists with special needs, particularly those with autism. They showcase their art as part of community-centric art events and through art inspired lifestyle products with the help of its team of designers and artists. 

3. Gracesmiths

 Providence (Culture Edition) Pouch: Sushi, $24.90

Providence Cushion: Croissant, $45.90

Patterned Notepad: Criss-Cross, $7.90

Gracesmiths is passionate about expressing the goodness of God through art and design, to create works that inspire and uplift.

Many would recognise the brand in an instant but you might not know this - the pouches and tea towels in Gracesmiths' Providence (Culture) collection are hand-sewn by a beneficiary of The Mother and Child Project, a social enterprise in Singapore that supports disadvantaged women. These women are mainly single mothers and women recovering from psychiatric illnesses. Every purchase made will help to provide them with sewing income for these disadvantaged women and their children. 

4. Alfie de Meow

Porcelain Kookie Cat Brooch, $19

Gold Foil Kookie Cat Brooch, $22

Rainbow Cat Necklace, $29 

Alfie de Meow is a cats-only jewellery label inspired by a family-rescued calico named Alfie. They aim to help cats that need our love and attention by donating 10% of sales to cat welfare groups based in Singapore. They pledge their love to the Love Kuching Project, a cat rescue group that promotes cat adoption, rescues cats in need and conducts sterilisation of the community cats in Singapore.

5. A Whispering Campaign

Project Stalking Horse #00: Marla, $25 

Project Stalking Horse #00: Elise, $25

A Whispering Campaign is a non-commercially driven project initiated by people who love looking at beautiful things, appreciate quality designs, enjoy the sound of good music and see the grace of words when put together in a skilful manner.

The first series - Project Stalking Horse - involves the production of high quality Risograph prints in attempt to establish a small self funding prints production cycle (15 prints in each edition). All proceeds from this batch of print will be used to fund another artist, so on and so forth.

6. Soüle

Recharge Purple Slippers, $20 

Soule Shades Orange, $10

Smile Black Slippers, $20

Soüle's mission is to provide a sole for every soul. Every purchase you make at Soule goes towards empowering someone in need.

Since 2008, their “Sole for every Soul” initiative and Souledier movement have enabled change through shopping – a portion of each sale of every Soüle product goes into initiatives for children living under the poverty line and survivors of natural disasters. 

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