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A Naiise Love Story - Dennis & Amanda

14 February - a day marked in history for giving, appreciating and remembering love among lovers. Today, without a doubt, we are in the mood to share with you guys the love story of our founder and our marketing director, Dennis and Amanda. The team has put together a few questions for the two of them and both have to answer them without cheating (yup, we supervised them!). None of them has seen each other's replies before today!

Read on and find out what is that one thing they want to tell each other over and over again.  

1. Mandatory question: so how did the both of you meet?

D: I have seen her before in Junior college. But finally spoke to her one day when I saw her at NUS while I was with my brother.

A: It was a long time ago so memories are a little vague. But we started hanging out like a decade ago and I remember odd things like going to Sentosa for a midnight swim (before the re-development!), accompanying him to rescue his friend who crashed his dad's car in the unearthly hours of the morning, and having long, pseudo-poetic ramblings over MSN. Then he got attached and I was like "meh!" so we stopped talking apart from the occasional "hello, how are you?" greeting text. When I moved back from Hong Kong, we somehow decided to meet for dinner and I had all intentions of hooking him up with my girlfriend but she never showed up. So we ate... and things carried on from there, I guess! 

2. What about him/her attracted you?

D: She’s pretty! Haha!

A: He said (on that first dinner date) that he will take care of me (lol!) and it was quite attractive haha. Plus he is smart, cool, very good at caring for others and helped me find happiness.

3. Pick one: going on dates, or stay-home to chill?


A: A good mix of both!

4. What's the one thing that annoy you most (about the other person)? 

D: She doesn’t pamper me when I’m sick.

A: He likes to shake his leg, which vibrates the entire table and people (normally me) within reach.

5. So you're finally tying the knot this year! What will you not compromise on for your wedding?

D: Whatever she doesn’t like.

A: The engagement ring... which I'm still anticipating HAH!

6. How many kids would you like?

D: 3 and 5 dogs.

A: 3 and upwards? Depending on how many we can reasonably have in the next few years.

7. If you could rewrite history, what would you change? (Anything at all)

D: That we had gotten together earlier so we could have had more time together.

A: Wish we had gotten together much earlier, so that I wouldn't have wasted time (and money) running all over the place trying to find love and meaning to my life.

8. Complete this: I love it when he/she…

D: she giggles.

A: is in a relaxed, happy mood and he chats a lot with me.

9. If there's something you want to tell each other over and over again, what would that be?

D: Thank you for being in my life.

A: Sleep more, don't die too early and leave me all alone.

10. What's each other favourite food? 

D: Pasta!

A: Steak.

11. What's the favourite outfit you like each other to put on?

D: Any style.

A: This is entirely imaginary since he never puts it on, but he would look naiise with a simple muscle tee + cool track pants, and a kick-ass cap.

12. What's the best decision you've made for each other?

D: To help her to be truly happy.

A: Leaving a "normal" job to help grow Naiise!

13. When's the last time you two quarrelled and over what?

D: I can’t remember, it was quite a long time ago.

A: I really cannot remember :(

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