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DIY Your Own Naiise Ang Bao

It's no news that Chinese New Year is coming soon. We actually wanted to print this for all of our customers but due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn't print them in time for you guys. :(

So we thought, maybe if you have got some time to spare or if you really love these 3 adorable Chinese New Year red packet designs, you can print it and make your own here. Read on and find out how!

Things you'll need: A pair of trusty scissors, the templates (which you can print from here), double sided tape

Total time needed: Approximately 5 minutes

Difficulty level: Easy peasy

Step 1: Use your trusty scissors and cut along the dotted lines.

Step 2: Once you are done cutting, fold A1 and B1 inwards. 

Step 3: Stick some double-sided tape on A1 and B1.

Step 4: Peel off the paper from the double-sided tape and fold the back flap inwards to meet A1 and B1. Stick them together, fold the top flap downwards, and voila! 

Tag #naiise on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and show us your Naiise Ang Bao! Huat everybody, huat! 

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