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8 DIY Chinese New Year Decor Ideas

You can hear it when you are shopping for groceries; you can see it when you are walking around town. Most of all, you can even smell and taste it, even when you are just sitting at your seat in the office. Chinese New Year is an inevitable occasion when you have no other choice but to soak up the festive atmosphere, simply because it is everywhere around you.

Likewise, Team Naiise has our share of bak kwa and pineapple tarts, and now, it is time to start decorating your home for CNY. Here are 8 (totally intentional) DIY decor ideas for the Year of Goat that can be used for your home and office!

1. Cherry Blossom Lantern

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If you have one of these Ikea white paper round lamps lying around in your house, dress them up with some fake cherry blossoms on the outside and voila! Chinese New Year Lantern at minimal cost. A really simple project that easily invite the festive vibes.

 2. Accordion Candle Holder

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Bring on the geometry beauty for this Chinese New Year and spice up your space with this cool candle holder. Use papers of your desired colours and follow the steps here to create this stunning candle holder. 

3. Fabric Fortune Cookies

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Not a good baker? Fret not. These fabric fortune cookies will be a perfect substitute that will not shortchange the fun. Get some festive fabrics, cut them into circles, slot slips of wisdom and fortune into it, and seal them up. Easy peasy! Tutorial here

4. Tissue Flower Wall Decor

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If the idea of the dealing with fresh flowers frightens and stresses you, this tutorial will teach you how to make flowers that last. Let your imagination run a little and make the most awesome tissue flowers for your space. Gather your friends and family to help you out too!

5. Golden Rock Bookends

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We are not sure if you would have some rocks lying around your house (because we do). But if you have the rocks and are planning to throw them away or hide them in your storeroom, why not use them as bookends instead? Paint them gold and line your books in between them. Plus, these would resemble ingots - a good marriage of fortune and wisdom, we say!

6. Striped Gold Vase

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Keep the gold decor classy in your home. Make your own gold striped vase and put some fresh flowers to welcome Spring into your space. 

7. Chinese Paper Lanterns

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Lanterns are instant Chinese New Year mood boosters for any space. Easy to make and extremely customisable in terms of size and colours, these lanterns are definitely a must-have for your home this CNY.

8. Chinese Knot Cushion

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If you have some spare time on hand, this will be a good, though time-consuming, project to embark on for Chinese New Year. Check out the steps here

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