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Monday Cool Reads

It's hard to break away from the weekends, we know. We understand entirely if you had problems breaking up with your bed temporarily today (we are guilty of that). On the bright side, it's just 5 more days to the next weekend. So now, fight the Monday Blues with some interesting reads that we have chanced upon.

- Have you guys seen the polar bear that was roaming around London? Pretty brilliant and awesome advertisement for a TV drama, we say!

- For the lonesome hearts, there might actually be a formula to find your other halves. The New York Times showed us how you can fall in love with anyone. Read on and fall in love!  

- Dreaming of your next holiday? Find some unique locations here and go on a trip less travelled. 

- "Claim your adulthood, get some identity capital": Watch Meg Jay's TED talk and listen to those wise words. 

- What colour is it now? Watch the colours change as the seconds go.

- Want to participate in our Secret Valentine mission? Read more about Naiise's From Someone Naiise campaign here

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