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Gift Ideas for the Newly Weds: Curated by Jaime and Justin, founders of The Paper Bunny

Meet Jaime and Justin, the owners of boutique stationery design brand The Paper Bunny. Newly married, they are enjoying every moment of their new life together! (: We've invited them to curate a special collection for married couples, because hey, who says Valentines' Day is only for dating couples?

Check out their practical gift ideas for the newlyweds (or the happily married) in this guide here, which include gift suggestions that you both can enjoy together too! And, read on to find out more about this happy couple.



1. Hello! (: Please tell us more about yourselves and your background.

Hey there! We are the founders of The Paper Bunny, a boutique stationer based in Singapore offering bespoke stationery and ready-to-purchase lifestyle products. We also happen to be married to each other.

2. How did the both of you meet?

NUS is where we met, but we only started dating after we graduated.

3. Favourite hang-out?

We don't have a particular favourite as Jaime likes to try new places. We do love spending quality time with our close friends at home (both theirs and ours).


4. What’s the most unforgettable moment in your relationship thus far?

Definitely getting married! :) It has been really fun moving in together and building our lives together. It was also only after we got married that we started The Paper Bunny.

5. Thank you for curating this collection! How would you describe your design style?

Simple and chic, hopefully! We love designing with prints and patterns but also are conscious of keeping our designs clean and stylish.

6. What are your top 3 picks, and why?

We love practical gifts, and love the Traveler Mod Mini from This is Ground (because it helps keep everything nice and organised), the portable Lazyitis Speaker from Moss Audio (which are so convenient for sharing music with friends and each other on the go) and the Milo Granola (which sounds like a great healthy breakfast option with a familiar and comforting flavour).

7. Most important relationship advice for couples?

A loving relationship is something you build together, so pay attention to the little things.


8. This Valentines’, the best present will be…?

definitely getting some time away from work to spend with each other.

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