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What Are You Buying For Your Valentine?

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and it is always interesting to bounce off some gift ideas among your friends. This Valentine's Day, Team Naiise picked what best suit their lovers, attached or imaginary (haha!), from Naiise. Read on and find out why these are chosen for their special someone. 

1. Dennis, Founder of Naiise

What he would get: Mod Air by This Is Ground, $390

Reason: Amanda doesn't know how to keep her things properly and over time, it becomes costly for me. This would do the trick!

2. Amanda, Marketing Director


What she would get: City Bag in Navy Blue by Gouache, $110

Reason: Dennis really needs a new bag. His current one must be like... 10 years old!

3. LiBing, Editor


What she would get: Burger iPad Sleeve by Woouf!, $40 - $44

Reason: This is too adorable to say no. Whoever is my Valentine, you need to have this!

4. Li Tying, Projects Manager

What she would get: Tomo Leather Pouch by This Is Ground, $109.90

Reason:Because he is a massive This Is Ground fan (evident from the fact that he only follows two people on Instagram - This Is Ground and Jamie Oliver, and knows sooner about their latest products than we do). Also, he really needs something to keep his house keys and car keys safe (too many times of not knowing where his keys are!) 

5. Stella, Operations Manager

What she would get: Quicksand Wax by Hanz de Fuko, $30

Reason:His hair seriously just look too oily all the time!

6. Cheryl, PR Manager

What she would get: Shiok Sonnets Greeting Cards by PEEPnPRESS, $25

Reason: Because a long-distance relationship requires effort to keep the flame alive, and good ol' handwritten cards always add a touch of personalised love. These have a cute touch of cheesiness and humour :)

7. Jing Mei, Marketing & Projects Manager

What she would get: Overnighter by Qwstion, $399

Reason: I thought it would be practical, functional yet cute at the same time!

8. Tianxiang, Operations Manager

What he would get: Evie Camera Bag by Aide de Camp, $279

Reason: I think this bag is versatile for both work and play. Plus, it's got some roomy interior, which is great because I get to go hands-free with my stuff in her bag!

9. Kathleen, Buying Manager

What she would get: Deep Sea Blue Regent Billford Wallet by Gnome & Bow, $185

Reason:His wallet is quite old, and he's entering the workforce soon so I guess it's time that he gets a nice, classy wallet! Oh, and I only like buying gifts that are functional. I'm quite sure he'll like it anyway :)

10. Venus, Head Designer


What she would get: The Basic Felt V.2 Smart Pouch by Indigo Co., $59

Reason: He’s a little OCD. A pouch like that would be great for all the loose wires from those pesky phone and laptop chargers.

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