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Naiise Ideas for the Stylish Guy On The Go: Curated By William Tan, His Style Diary

Here's a quick handy guide for modern men, curated by William Tan, founder of His Style Diary (HSD). Started in 2011, HSD is a Singapore-based ‘blogazine’ devoted to men who share an interest in fashion, grooming and lifestyle topics from all around the globe.

If you're looking for new fashion inspiration, check out this curated collection of accessories for the stylish guy on the go; or read on to find out more about HSD!



1. Hello! (: Please tell us more about yourself and His Style Diary.

I am a digital (and traditional) marketing guy. Having worked in a print media industry for the past 10 years, I have seen how the industry has evolved as digital becomes more and more important. I am also an aficionado of men's fashion and have been keeping myself up-to-date through international magazines and websites, which inevitably led to my formation of a men's fashion and grooming portal, His Style Diary (HSD) . I started HSD in 2011 because I realized that there were not many men's fashion related websites in this part of the world, written for the Asian audience. Much of what I saw were websites from US and UK, and I quickly saw the potential to create sometime unique here.

What started as a blog, quickly grew and evolved into a full men's website covering the latest fashion news, street style, grooming and product reviews.

2. What does an average day in your life look like?

When I am not working and meeting clients or attending events, I spend a lot of time on the net researching and reading about the latest events happening around the world of menswear, as well as constantly evolving digital trends. I also connect to major social media channels to network with other industry peeps and find out what is trending at the moment.

I have to admit I am a serial online shopaholic - I do practically most of my shopping online these days, accessing every international websites carrying brands that you might not ever find here (plus things are too expensive here in Singapore!). Early evenings are mostly spent at the gym (unless there is a special event to attend) and having a nice quiet dinner with my partner.

3. If you were a fashion accessory, what would you be?

I am debating between bags or shoes, because I am crazy about them.....ok, just one right? A Bag!

4. Thank you for curating this collection! How would you describe your design (personal) style?

My style has evolved over time, and I do not like to be confined by rules. I think that there are too many rules in menswear, and everyone should be allowed to develop his own style - if he can carry it off confidently. Right now, I lean towards a more sporty, Nu-Dapper style - I am not really a shirt and tie person. So you will often see me in sweatshirt, pants and a good pair of sneakers, or a bomber jacket over a printed tee.


5. Your top 3 picks from this collection?

(1) Palms and Leather 5-Panel Cap by Paris+Hendzel

(2) Lazerwood for Beats Solo and Solo by HD Lazerwood

(3) The Executive Mod Mini by This Is Ground

6. Any trends that ought to be passé?

Most trends come and on, but for sure the 'flip-flop wearing' trend in Singapore should definitely go forever!

(Oops! The Naiise team is all about flip-flops! :/)

7. Lastly, anything we should look out for at His Style Diary for 2015?

Yes, 2015 is an exciting year for His Style Diary. We are unveiling a brand new logo and website in March. The website will have newly added sections such as The Manual, searchable Street Style and Hair Trend Gallery, Shopping Guide and Store Directory - a curated list of the coolest stores (off and online) which we recommend to our readers. We will also introduce His Style Archetype™- a style profiling system to help people understand and develop their personal style. Do join our Facebook Page to stay tuned to our new revamp!

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