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Procrastinate No More! - 5 Ways To Get Started For 2015

We know it's almost a month too late for this, but of course, like what they say, better late than never. January is coming to an end but if you look at it, it's just 28 days wasted to get the rest of the 337 days right. So get out of your bed, change out of your PJs, and find inspirations to make 2015 more rockin' than 2014. 

1. Remind Yourself Of What You Love

Nothing beats inspirational prints for a good ol' reminder. Frame it up and hang on your wall, or simply blu-tac it, in your room or office to remind yourself to resume or continue working on what you love, what you are passionate about. Take this a step further with decals if you have some wall space to play with. 

From top to bottom: Posterchild's Do More Of What You Love Print in Wild Flower, White Tulip Decal's Stay Positive Wall Decal, Holstee's This Workspace Poster

2. Plan, plan, plan!


Some things are still better when written down than to key them into your phones. Research has shown that writing things down will help you remember things better than typing. Start writing down things you need to do and accomplish this year on these notebooks

From top to bottom: Epigram Book's I Am Not Procratinating Notebook, Mi Goals' Get Shit Done Notebook, Murdoodles' Fine Lines Handmade Notebook (Ruled)

3. Utilitarian Bags - Efficiency Made Easy

For those of you who believe that forms should follow function, these few bags we have picked out will be perfect to keep your daily belongings all at one place. Come with various compartments for various possessions, these bags and holders will give you the space and functionality you need.

From top to bottom: This Is Ground's Mod Air, Qwstion's DayPack, Gouache's Camera Bag

4. Be Ahead Of Time


To quote one of our grandpas, "It's okay to waste your own time, but don't waste other people's time." Word. So this year, be ahead of time, be punctual but never late. 

From top to bottom: HyperGrand's Rubicon Watch, Daniel Wellington's Classic Bristol Men Watch, FARM's Kan Cheong Spider Watch

5. You Are What You Wear

Lastly, put on these motivational tees and may you prosper for the year ahead. Not only are these tees applicable to 4D/Toto lovers and gamblers all year round, these can also be worn daily for that boost of luck in whatever you are doing.

From top to bottom: Roadside Stall's The Hopeful Tee, Wet Tee Shirt's Huat Tee, Statement's Everybody Huat Ah T-shirt

With that said, it all starts from you. Get yourself together and go forth! 2015 will a beautiful year, we are sure.  

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