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A Story of Budding Romance, by Wenhui Wang and Windy

The season of love is upon us and it's time to impress. We say, forget the mainstream options such as champagne, chocolates and flowers, and consider instead choosing something a little more functional and meaningful from our gift guides!

We've invited blogger Wenhui (@lovethekisses) and her boyfriend Windy to curate a special gift guide for dating couples - click here to browse through their gift suggestions, and scroll down to read more about their story together! (:



1. Hello! (: Please tell us more about yourselves and your background.

Wenhui: I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from University at Buffalo (UB), SIM in 2013. I am currently working part-time as a waitress at Five & Dime, blogging part-time and also dancing whenever I'm free. I love to eat a lot too! :)

Windy: I'm a fresh graduate from University of London (UOL) at SIM. I'm currently working full-time as a Marketing Engineer and I'm also a part-time Dancer/Choreographer.

2. How did the both of you meet?

We met at SIM's 1st ever Combined Arts Concert; we were both dancing but in different items.


3. Favourite hang-out?

Wenhui: We don't have a specific hang-out, but you can usually find us in cafes or cinemas!

Windy: Anywhere with food!! We love to eat and explore... we also like to play at the arcade.

4. What’s the most unforgettable moment in your relationship thus far? Or, what’s the sweetest thing you’ve done for one another?

Wenhui: The first time I went over to his house to cook! It was probably my first time cooking (yes, I don't even cook Maggi Mee hahaha) so it was really fun and the final products turned out well! In 2013 I had a number of 'crazy' stalkers (I had no idea why) and Windy was so brave to confront one of them who was going overboard. He suffered a punch for me and even went to school with a swollen cheek the next day for my convocation :')

Windy: I would say, her first hiking experience... she was so terrified she almost gave up at the beginning of the hike. But she persevered and when we reached the top, she was super happy... and her expression that day was unforgettable. The sweetest thing she did for me was when she waited for more than 1 hour around midnight at my block to surprise me on my birthday. She gave me a handmade Exploding Love Box (google it!).


5. Thank you for curating this collection! How would you describe your design style?

No problem! We picked the items according to how they will fit the interests ofs dating couples - especially those who are serious into their relationship but not yet married. Most of the items are minimalistic and they combine the elements of Art and Modern Edge.

6. What are your top three picks, and why?

We love the:

(1) Holstee Manifesto Poster - White

Most people, especially the younger generation nowadays are stuck in paper chase. They are afraid of chasing their dreams because of the pressure of making money. Their lives are being pressurized by fear of failure and disappointment. They let go of things that they love and therefore forego their happiness. We want our loved ones to be happy, to enjoy life as we know it - and this poster is a perfect reminder of that.

(2) Speculoos Baker's Starter Kit

Because we have tried cooking together and had fun during the process, we feel that it will be a great experience if all couples experiment baking together, even if one/neither of you have baked before. It will definitely add some value to the relationship. Plus, I don't think anyone can resist Speculoos! :D

3) TOUTE Lunch Bag

Everyone needs to save money from time to time (also, this supports our second choice! ^^). Stocking up groceries at home and cooking your own lunch is a great way to save. You'll be shocked at how much dough you can save just by bringing your own lunch/snacks to work/school, and this money can be channelled later to your future marriage expenses! TOUTE lunch bag is a great solution, and it's cool and handy :)

7. Most important relationship advice for couples?

Wenhui: Sometimes giving is more important than taking :)

Windy: Trust is essential. Loyalty is key. Be best friends!

8. This Valentines’, the best present will be…?

Being there for each other.

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