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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

8 Food Bloggers and Instagrammers Who Inspire

To wrap up our week of food, we've rounded up some of our favourite food Instagrammers and bloggers. What they each have in common - a unique and distinct personality which people identify with. And of course, lots of fantastic food to test your appetite! At the end of the day, it may all be just food, but these people have been truly creative, produced beautiful images and created dialogue with their readers that are truly inspirational. We hope they inspire you in return! Bon appetit!

Who: I Am A Food Blog ( – Stephanie Le, who shares recipes on her blog, and published her own cookbook Easy Gourmet.

Food style: Anything that tickles her fancy, from pasta to grilled cheese to waffles, but many recipes come with a special Asian twist, using Asian ingredients such as Sriricha sauce, kimchi, Kewpie mayonnaise and more. There are many a modern Asian dish recipes to be found; Hainanese Chicken Summer Roll or Bahn Mi Taco anyone?

Why you should be reading: Because she makes us wanna get cooking! Winner of Saveur magazine’s ‘Editor’s Choice for Best Cooking Blog’, Stephanie has a fantastic website, and she writes like she’s talking to a friend. Best of all, her easy to follow recipes are great for beginner cooks, covering a wide range of styles with an emphasis on Asian-inspired flavours. It's all comfort food that's finger-lickin' good!

Who: Eating Asia ( – journalist Robyn Eckhardt and photographer David Hagerman.

Food style: They travel around the world capturing each location’s culture through its local food, with a big emphasis on the meaning of ‘local’! These two are not afraid to search high and low for the best street food each country has to offer, while exploring local traditions within the community.

Why you should be reading: Because they produce a great visual representation of the places they travel to, and the blog’s writing is great to boot – entertaining and educational.  

Who: @catslavery ( Bella Koh, owner of boutique Flea and Trees

Food style: Bella obviously has a love for cooking healthy food with exotic and exciting ingredients, and frequently documents her experiments with food, whether she's making cauliflower and potato patties, za'atar flavoured quinoa salad, roasted brussel sprouts on sticks, or pomegranate and tahini vegatable dip. 

Why you should be reading: There's a reason why Bella has so many followers on Instagram! Her light-infused pictures have a charm of their own. She strongly advocates healthy ingredients and living, and clearly walks the talk with her lovely food. You'll also find sneak peeks of her personal style, pictures of cafes, and of course, cats. 

Who: @tofurier ( – Dionna Lee, photographer and visual artist from Singapore.

Food style: Not just a food Instagrammer, Dionna is also a rather talented photographer who favours mood shots and experiments with light and shadows in her pictures of food and travel.

Why you should be reading: Because she’s upping her game in food styling! She's starting to focus on print work, and we look forward to seeing much more of her work!

Who: @engnatalie ( – Natalie Eng, pâtissière from Singapore, and writer of

Food style: Trained in both Singapore and Paris, Natalie is no stranger to regular Naiise customers and readers (check out her finger-licking good Caramel Fleur De Sel available exclusively on our website!). She regularly posts about her latest French-influenced confections, and experiments with unexpected flavours: fig/honey/pistachio choux puffs, passionfruit/coconut/ginger mille feuille, lemongrass/apple macaron… just to name a few!

Why you should be reading: Because this girl is a creative visionary in sweets! If you like to be surprised by interesting flavours, and love pastries, Natalie’s creations will blow you away.

Who: @nglitying ( – Ng Li Tying, part baker, part of the Naiise team!

Food style: When she’s not working as our resident food buyer, Li Tying is busy honing her skills and baking some marvellous creations (which she brings over to the Naiise team to sample, hooray!). A self-taught baker, she also takes pride in customizing cakes that are one of a kind, and bakes all things homey and fulfilling, colourful and visually pleasing.

Why you should be reading: Because on top of being a lovely person, her creations are also absolutely yummy! Her happy-looking pastries are a joy to behold.

Who: @thatfoodcray ( – Nicole Fung, Hong-Kong based writer of blog That Food Cray.

Food style: Combining her two favourites – travel and food – Nicole focuses the spotlight on only the best food in each location she visits – Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Taipei, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Tokyo… How does this girl not weigh 500 pounds??

Why you should be reading: Because she has witty, friendly writing, and food chronicles that read out like a ‘Best of’ travel guide! 

Who: Green Food Stories ( – David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl, authors of cookbook The Green Kitchen. Also on Instagram @gkstories.

Food style: Who says being vegan is boring? Vegetarian doesn’t mean plain and tasteless – the Green Food Style blog contains a huge variety of healthy and interesting vegetarian recipes that cover a number of food styles – not simply just salads and smoothies (which you will find plenty of), but also curry, noodles, tarts, roasts, soup, even pizza! Their recipes are constantly surprising, in a good way!

Why you should be reading: We would never have thought it, but the sheer variety of lovely, well-styled and colour-saturated photos makes us crave healthy food!

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