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7 Tips And Tricks For Your Next Food Instagram Post

Big Instagram fans will know how important it is to style each of your posts to earn the likes and street cred from your pals and Instagram stalkers. It's a lot of work but we guarantee you, it's hell lot of fun too. 

As you know, Instagram is always on Naiise's daily to-do list. Aesthetics is key to the visual animal in us. That's why we get stressed over what to post and what kind of photos you might like before we proceed to shooting them ourselves. After a few rounds of that, we have got the hang of it (well, kind of) and we are going to share with you these secrets! 

1. Burst of Colours

Credits: kallisonphoto

Colours naturally capture the eyes. Be it the natural colours of the food or additional accents that you are sprinkle and drizzle to bedazzle your followers. Key to the photo: Make your followers crave for a bite of what you have shot. 

2. Funky Props

Credits: greenisthenewblvck 

You can also choose to style your photo with props such as postcards, books, coasters, flowers etc. They can be related to your main subject or completely unrelated to your bowl of cereal or that cup of tea. These props will help to jazz up your photo instantly, catching the eyes of your followers with no doubt. 

3. Boards & Trays

Credits: croissantqueen

Be it boards or trays, these will look great in photos when you place your delicious pastries on them. Be it a subtle wooden board or a brightly coloured tray, this trick will definitely boost the likes of your photo. 

Find your favourite board or tray here.

4. Tea Towel

Credits: chockywoky

The trend we have been spotting is the use of tea towels in food photos. This recurring trick is a useful and easy way to make your dishes pop in photographs. You should also give some attention as to how the towel is folded. Be it a thick strip, an inverted "V" shape, or just crinkling the towel, they will work their magic brilliantly. 

5. View From Above

Credits: leonardstevany

A top down shot of what you are eating is always a good way to capture everything you should. A personal favourite here at Naiise, this style requires minimal angling, making it the most foolproof way to make everyone love your photo. 

6. Angle

Credits: lhajkova

Sometimes, a little shift in position of your food and props can help you achieve that million dollar shot. Tilt your dish a little, your tea towel or tray a little, and snap it from the top. Experiment a little on this and you will know which angle works best. 

7. Clean Background

Credits: myhealthyappetite

We cannot emphasise how important a clean background is. Even if you have other props lying around, it is good to keep the background in one solid colour. This simple tip not only applies to food but also other items you want to shoot for your Instagram post. 

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