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Outdoor Sundays: Curated by Milda Ratkelyte, Saving Sundays

Saving Sundays was started by Milda Ratkelyte as a creative outlet to inspire people to slow down, and spend their Sundays doing great things with their loved ones. For as long as she can remember, her family has always put a special emphasis on spending quality time together on Sundays, whether it was a family cookout trying out new recipes or a short trip to the beach or building swings at the backyard. These were her happiest memories.

We invited Milda to curate a collection of fun-themed products that would help happify your Sunday. Check out the collection here, or read on to find out more about her project and get inspired to get outdoors!




1. Hello Milda! Tell us more about yourself and what you do.

Hey, I'm Milda. I am originally from Lithuania, but have been out and about travelling the world for over a decade. Singapore has been home for 4 years now and I love it. I am a travel writer, photographer and an aspiring filmmaker. By day I work as a Community Manager for and manage their travel website, whereas all my free time is dedicated to my own creative outlet Saving Sundays, an online managazine which aims to bring back quality Sundays to people's hectic lives.

I had this idea for years! Ever since I remember my parents used to put special emphasis on Sundays to be a family day and those are the best memories I carry with me till now. However in today's busy world I feel like the meaning of Sundays is lost and this is my little token in attempt to bring it back.

2. We love the idea of Saving Sundays! Incredibly apt and necessary in our society today. Absolutely inspirational. What would make a Sunday well spent for you?

“We have to remember what’s important in life: Friends, Waffles, Work. Or Waffles, Friends, Work. Doesn’t matter, but work is third.”
- Leslie Knope

My perfect Sunday starts with hearty breakfast in bed or if the weather is nice - outdoors. Waffles is a must followed by good cup of coffee. I love spending my day exploring new places or rediscovering the old ones, taking photos, cafe-hopping, making something new to cozy up my apartment, and taking care of my tiny indoors garden.

I also love a little treat on Sundays, whether it would be nice fresh cut flowers or a homemade chocolate cake and wine.

The evenings are ideally dedicated to having dinner with my family or friends - enjoying the simple act of sharing food and laughter over a glass of wine. Potlucks are my favourite, as everyone gets to contribute something made with love.

3. Share with us some fun things to do on Sundays in our small island, please?

(1) Evening picnic at Gardens by the Bay, (2) a morning cycle at East Coast Park, followed by nice breakfast at Penny University, or (3) a treetop walk, followed by a chill-out session at the Plant Story at Hort Park.

4. Thank you for curating this collection. What are your top picks, and why?

I grew up in northern Europe where we have beautiful forests and lakes and spent a good amount of my childhood camping. This collection brings back nice memories of those days.

I've picked Forest & Waves Mug Candle and Beach Bag. I know Ed from Forest & Waves and I absolutely love his stuff; he puts a lot of heart into it and that's what makes it so special.

I also love DODT's T-shirts - witty and pretty and they look really comfy! I'd wear it every Sunday! Will put it on my list of presents from Santa this year!

The Great Escape Suite is my favourite. As a travel writer, who finds most inspiration outdoors, I couldn't find anything better than this to get organised. It is also super handy when travelling!

5. If there's one thing you could do or introduce to the local Singaporean scene to make Sundays a little more fun, what would it be?

I'd have more outdoor community gatherings on Sundays, be they picnics with movies at the park or live music (actually think that there is a real lack of live music scene in Singapore), featuring nice pop-up stores selling food & drinks to be enjoyed with family and friends on every Sunday. Some events like these are already taking place in Singapore but only every now and then.

This could become a nice tradition. I'd definitely be there every Sunday!

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