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Get That Look: 5 Ways To Give Your Home A Touch Of Nature

After spending a good week preparing for and hanging out at Archifest 2014, we are still feeling the green and floral vibes. It's no doubt that by adding a few pots of plants or vases of fresh flowers, you will be able to get a healthy splash of greens for your home or office. Not only do they liven up your space, they also help to relieve your eyes from the intense work and cyber content that you have been staring at the entire day. We dug the Internet for some really cool and brilliant ideas to give your space the touch of Mother Nature. Now, it's our turn to take break while we admire our adorable succulents. Have fun!

1. Green Against White

Credits: ofpapersandthings

If your home or office is drenched in white, a touch of green will still retain the minimalistic beauty in your space. Keep your planters white for the extra pop!

Achieve that look: Boskke Recycled Sky Planter, from $29.90

2. Dry Your Flowers

Credits: Summer Sweet Boutique 

If you receive fresh flowers from your loved ones on a regular basis (lucky you!) or you buy flowers frequently, try this superb idea to dry them up without cluttering your space. You will dictate what bursts of colours you want for your space, depending on your entire space's theme. 

3. Make Your Own Air Plant


Minimal maintenance, zero fuss. Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, can last you for years if well taken care of. Place them in a glass planter, together with some pebbles, or even little cute figurines to customise the look of your air plant. Learn how to make your own here. Check out of cool ass Journey East Light Bulb Vase here too!

4. Personalised Terrariums


On the similar note, terrariums are also perfect to give your space the green feel. Same thing as the air plant, the plants in the terrariums are typically of a sturdier nature, allowing you to minimise the effort of maintaining them. You can purchase them or make them on your own. Don't forget to get a really cute planter to hold your plants. This will help to match the look of the rest of your home or office. 

5. Go Big Or Go Home


If you have a spare empty and undecorated wall in your house or office, populating plants and flowers at the same spot is not that bad an idea. Cluttered it may seem, this wall area can be the highlight of your space, showcasing your amazing plant arrangement. To give it a clean look, keep the maximum colours used to 4 before it turns into an eclectic rainforest. 

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