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Weekend Cool Reads

We understand how tiring and crazy every day can be, especially when you are busy getting work done or preparing for exams. Take a break with us as we present to you these interesting articles and sites that we have fallen in love with this week.

Have a splendid and superb weekend!


- Check out this amazing "Superdesk" (4,400 square feet!) that The Babarian Group, a digital technology agency from New York, has in their office.

- Cassette tapes are making a comeback

- Proposing to your significant someone? Here's a sneaky way to do so without being exposed!

- No autumn in Singapore but no worries. Have are 10 stunning flower projects that will add a touch of fall in your home.

- Speaking of flowers, we also find this superb hanging vase DIY that will jazz up your home!

- To sum up the perfect weekend, learn how to host a great afternoon tea with your closest friends. 


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