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8 Kids Playroom Decoration Ideas

Parents and parents-to-be, don't be fooled by how easy you think you can put together a kids playroom. If you are just thinking of throwing boxes of toys, a table and two chairs into that room or space, we are here to tell you how much more you can do to jazz it all up with good designs. Exposing your child to designs and arts early is always good to help cultivate their taste and liking for design as they grow up.

Even though none of us at Naiise has our own kids yet, we still love to dream of how to assemble a perfect kids playroom with well-designed products. Here are 8 kids playroom decoration ideas that we love (and secretly want them as our room too)!

1. Teepee Invasion

Credits: Baby Gizmo

We cannot deny how much we want a teepee for ourselves actually. That aside, teepees are gaining rapid popularity as a centrepiece to perk up a kids room. It's hard not to fall in love with it! For you crafty parents, you can head here to learn how to make your own teepee for your little ones. 

2. Buntings of Joy


Buntings are easy accents to the kids playroom. Once you have decided on the theme of the room, you can choose to find or make your own bunting with fabrics that will go well with the general colour scheme. You can choose to hang it on the wall or let it drape across the ceiling - whichever way that best dress up the room. 

3. Chalk Wall


If you have a blank wall to spare, paint it with chalk paint to create a chalkboard wall. You can choose to put your artistic skills to good use or simply let your kids surprise you with their art. 

4. Fairy Lights


Everyone loves fairy lights and we are sure your little ones will love them too. Depending on the theme of your kids playroom, you can put the lights in the room accordingly. As shown in this photo, you can recreate a scene from the forest with these fairy lights, giving your kids a creative and atmospheric playroom.

5. Cute Cushions


As much as it is a playroom we are trying to put together, cushions are always good to have around the playroom. Not only do they help to decorate the room, they also provide your kids with place to rest when they get tired from running and playing. You can choose to lay them neatly on top of a cupboard or simply scatter them in their playhouse. Both will look adorable nonetheless!

6. Fun Art Prints


Hang some prints on the walls to help give the room a distinct character and style. It can be educational; it can be graphic; it can be anything you like. The prints not only serve as a way to instill good design taste in your kids, they also help to boost the look and feel of the room, making everything coherent and beautiful. 

7. Wall Decals

Wall decals are easy ways to help dress up your child's playroom. Pastel graphic decals are perfect for this instance. Be it graphics or text, the decals you choose will add to the room's ambience, giving your kids the best space to spend their playtime at. Feel free to browse through our collection of wall decals here.

8. Choice of Colours


A lot of parents might not put in too much thoughts in coordinating the colours in the playroom. We know it can be quite a hassle to make sure everything in the room goes well with the wall colour since you might not have bought them all the same time. But, what we want you to do is to actually spend some time and match the colours that are in the room. Believe us, once you get that done, everything else will fall into place. 

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